10 important reasons to ask a big question if there really has been a big-bang!

10 important reasons to ask a big question if there really has been a big-bang?!

If you are among those who believe in a universal big-bang scenario, then you should definitely read these 10 points. If you are among those who are freer in your thinking about the universe, and who do not necessarily know whether you want to put your foot down in the various camps that proclaim that there has been an un understood start-up picture, then you may also not know how this universe really appears and how it arises. You should definitely also read these 10 points, and thus get a whole new inspiration and a whole new knowledge about how our real active universal engine room really works, with the creating, controlling and steering holographic 5-dimensional quantum physics!

The big-bang model came on the scene sometime in the mid-1920s, and at that time it was not known how big the universe really was. Therefore, they firmly believed that our star was in the only galaxy in the entire universe, the Milky Way! The only galaxy that exists, and thus someone thought there should be a possibility of a big-bang! That was, and remains, a big mistake! This is evident in these 10 points, and in the final and concluding eleventh!

1.If we go deeper into the big-bang philosophy, it says that before it said Bang, there was only one singular point present, and absolutely nothing more! When we also consider that this big-bang philosophy and theory only builds up the entire universe with 100% only physical particles, then one could also assume that this singular point was also 100% physical!? After all, this alleged singular point was only the size of the pointed end of a pin!?

How did this singular point arise when there is no more in the entire universe? How can this singular point turn into approximately 3-500 million galaxies? Where does the huge amount of energy come from?

Does all this come out of the singular point? It's the big mysterious inflation that they just can't explain in any way! Look around this mega-universe and ask yourself how this tiny singular point can become all this that we can see and discover today? About 3-500 million galaxies, did it come out of this little 'point'?? The very first thing that you must fully decide for yourself is whether you believe that the universe creates itself, out of absolutely nothing, as in the infamous big-bang scenario? Or whether creation happened in a completely different way, and received a form of 'help from the outside’, with the underlying understanding that 'something' helped with creation. The reason is that out of absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing comes. As in the big-bang scenario! But with 'help from the universe outside', i.e., from the continuum of quantum physics, this physical universe can be created, but in a completely different way than with a big-bang! 

This 'help from without' should just be understood as meaning that this universe that is now to be created, i.e., our active physical universal engine room, must be created inside an existing and much larger and much older and totally nonphysical universe. This larger and older and totally nonphysical universe, is what some call 'the Creator' or God.

Swap out the word creator, with the word, a quantum physics continuum, and the picture fits a little better for our very active part of the universe. A place must come from all this, because it cannot come out of absolutely nothing. But this new physics reveals that there must be a universal creative force behind all this, and who knows if there may also be a creator behind it all, but that thought out will put you in danger of becoming more than 'crazy'. Remember that the energy that comes in is 'intelligent and creative' in itself!!

All this comes from this older and nonphysical universe that lies outside our active universal engine room. A universal law says that absolutely nothing can create itself out of absolute nothing!

Thus, this becomes the real creation of the active physical universal engine room, and this creation naturally comes from a place that is outside our active physical universal engine room.

This is part of the universal continuum!!

Thus, this becomes first of all, your very personal choice, and what do you choose to 'believe' in? Remember that the philosophy you follow must vote in absolutely everything that can be seen and discovered! Does the universe create itself out of absolute nothingness, as is so loudly claimed in the illustrious big-bang scenario? Or does it all come from somewhere, another universe, that is outside our universal engine room? Is our universal engine room created by itself, or is it quantum physics that is behind the creation of the universe? What do you think is the most incredible? Don't you believe that this universe is just an 'extension' of a continuum and of the older universe outside, and that this is just part of this universal continuum?? What do you think is closest to the truth? Will our universe come out of this nonphysical universe on the outside? Or does the big-bang universe create itself out of absolute nothingness, and via a single singular point that explodes in this alleged big-bang?

2.When we look at the philosophy, model and theory behind this alleged big-bang and this alleged singular point, according to standardized 3-dimensional big-bang physics, it is said that nothing more existed in this entire universe than this singular point at this early stage, before this alleged big-bang fizzled out. When nothing more exists in the entire universe, how is this singular point created, and out of what? After all, there is absolutely nothing present in this universal picture of understanding that can explain how this singular point was created out of absolutely nothing at all!

This singular point cannot be created without universal laws being present! So 'Something' must be present, with all the universal laws and all the physical principles, before anything can happen and before anything can be created! Although it is claimed that this singular point is the size of the pointed end of a pin, it must also be created from 'something'! The big-bang philosophy says nothing about this!?? This singular condition also tends to constantly get bigger than this small singular point! Now it is said that this 'singular' is a larger area of this singularity!??

But that only makes the problem even bigger for big-bang philosophy and interpretation! The more singularity that needs to be created first, the bigger the problem is to explain the creation of this out of this absolute nothingness! A small point, the size of the pointed end of the needle, might create a tiny moon, and therefore this singularity must now be the size of a galaxy to create ½ a billion galaxies! How can all this singularity, this universal raw material, be created out of absolute nothing, without universal laws also being present in this game? This just indicates that this nothing is actually something more than just 'nothing'! Remember that philosophy must always match the result!

It again says that there must be something on the outside of our universal engine room. So how is this singular point created, and out of what? When nothing exists in this whole misinterpreted big-bang universe, what is the universe made of? And how?

What substance does this absolutely 'nothing' consist of that creates the universe via an alleged big-bang scenario? The big-bang scenario is and remains absolutely the paradox of paradoxes!

Therefore, this is and remains the big-bang universe, a false and untrue universal model and physics!

3.Once the totally impossible creation of this alleged singular point is in place, then this alleged and famous big-bang can fizzle out. But there is probably a very big problem here! The totally incomprehensibly large amount of energy needed for this big-bang just can't be present in this tiny and supposedly singular point! So the problem is to explain where this huge and totally incomprehensible amount of energy comes from, when nothing more existed in the entire universe at this time than this tiny singular point, which is supposedly and originally, only the size of the pointed end of a pin!

So where did the energies for this big-bang come from? Where do we find this monstrosity of a 'power plant' that is supposed to be able to produce and supply the totally incomprehensible amount of energy for this alleged big-bang, and at the exact moment? Can this 'powerhouse' exist? It's also important to remember the feeling they had back then when this big-bang came up on the light board. Back then, they were 100% convinced that the size of the universe was, just our galaxy, the Milky Way. This big-bang scenario is only 'intended' to create a single galaxy, according to the original big-bang theory from the 1920s! Remember that!!

But there might be ½ a billion observable galaxies out there in the universal engine room! So, this 'power plant' must be able to deliver an amount of energy that is at least ½ a trillion times greater.

This means that now it became ½ a trillion times more difficult to come up with a 'power plant' that can supply the much-needed amount of energy for this alleged big-bang scenario.

Have you ever reflected a little deeper on this specific universal fact?

But the most important proof is the missing first 30 milliseconds. Without the lack of proof of the very first 30 milliseconds of this alleged big-bang being explained in 100% detail, no big-bang! And, as I said, that never happens!

The masters of mathematics have figured themselves backwards a two-digit number of times on this big-bang scenario, and every single time the famous 30 milliseconds are missing down to the famous 0 point!

So it's mathematically confirmed and proven many times that this big-bang can't have fizzled out, ever! Where are you supposed to find the energies for this incomprehensibly large and alleged big-bang? Out in this absolute 'nothing'???

So if you can't explain where this huge 'power plant' is located, then you will have a very big problem convincing anyone of this energyless big-bang! So where did the energies come from?

The totally impossible question just no one can answer, so forget about a totally physically impossible big-bang scenario! Forget that a big-bang model can be the right universal model! It is a permeated false political model, and it is in fact fully provable today! Big-bang, was politically introduced in the 1920s, and late in the 1960s!

4.The next problem is how can the exploding energy turn into the physical mass? We know that the claim about this Higg's bozone came in 1967, and after 45 years, in 2012, Thomas P. Fusco came up with the question of what it was that gave this Higg's bozone its physical mass!? This alleged Higg's bozon, is itself 100% completely dependent on having a so-called 'physical mass', in order to function as a 'bozon' that distributes physical mass!?

Oops, that was probably a paradox in the series of paradoxes, in the big-bang standardized system!! During these 45 years, this Higg's bozon was the sovereign distributor of absolutely all physical mass in the entire universe, according to the big-bang scenario. During all these 45 years, a great many books have been written that 'use' this Higg's 'bozon' to explain something in the universal physical big-bang picture of understanding.

These are books that are either only about this Higg's bozon, or where this Higg's bozon is drawn into the context of other physics, to try to convince you how these big-bang energies can become the physical mass, in the only 3-dimensional and only physical big-bang understanding.

In all this written literature, and during all of these 45 years, this Higg's bozon was completely dependent on being allocated the physical mass itself in order to function as a mass-distributing 'bozon'!

All alleged residential zones contain 100% physical particles!

So the question is how did this Higg's 'bozon' get its physical mass, and why did this Higg's 'bozon' have to have its physical mass distributed first before it could even stand as an alleged distributor of all physical mass? Surely that is a strange paradox! You must understand that what first 'distributes' physical mass to this alleged and physical Higg's 'bozon' can only be the right distributor of absolutely all physical mass, generally throughout our universal engine room. What are we to do with two distributors of physical mass when we have the overriding gravitational field, or atom! But here I mean that science may be wrong, just because this misunderstood Higg's 'bozon' is only a 'bozon' according to the big-bang teachings and standard physics, and this big-bang has been found 100% false by the particle accelerator down in Cern!

There are no bosons in this universe because bosons only contain 100% physical particles! These are only fields, i.e., Higg's fields, and they do not belong to the big-bang universe, but to the quantum physical universe!

It is this Higg's field that stands for the creation of this famous and strange universal substance, which Carl David Anderson demonstrated and proved sometime in the 1930s! This is the only use of the Higg's field, and it happens every time a new atom is created! The Higg's field creates only the fabric, the ‘stuff’, and only that! You will understand this before you finish this book!

The right distributor of the physical mass is called, the 4-dimensional gravitational field and it is quantum physical, and is nonphysical, both by nature and character! There can only be 'one' distributor of the physical mass, and that distributor can only be quantum physical, and 100% nonphysical, both by nature and character! Thus, it can be established that the physical mass must become physical in a completely different way than what the big-bang scenario describes and claims. Remember that the gravitational field, the atom, totally overpowers the Higg's field, in any situation!

The way physical mass is created does not depend at all on anything on the misinterpreted model and all the wrong explanations that come from this supposedly big-bang and standardized universe. Everything that happens of creation and physics, in this very active universal engine room, happens in a completely different and fully provable way! This whole universal creation secret is revealed in detail in the book, ‘Rediscovering the Fifth Dimension’!

The big-bang universe is what I call 'alternative facts'. The particle universe is thus the alternative facts! That is, alleged facts that can never ever be proven, no matter what you do.

A big-bang universe just can't be proven, ever, no matter what you do, but it actually proves something completely different and very important in today's current picture. What this second proof is for something, you will also learn more about later in this book.

5.The physical mass consists of atoms, but are all these atoms only 3-dimensional and only physical? At least that's claimed according to the big-bang theory! The theory claims that all atoms in the universe are only 3 dimensional, and are only 100% physical, both in nature and character, and are made up only of 100% physical particles!? This incorrect standardized claim is actually supported by science today!?

Therefore, it is taught only in the big-bang model!? But again, there are problems with this wrong big-bang interpretation and explanation! Hopefully, you know about this with the newer battery technology, and that a battery can contain large amounts of energies, depending on how good the technology is, which is behind the charging capacity! But can a battery retain the internal energies of, say, 10000 years? No, right! So the great and 'almighty Duracell king' cannot retain the inner energies for thousands of years. I think we can agree on that very quickly. Universal energies are volatile, and tend to 'disappear' over time, and this actually applies to everything that is physical and contains energies in our universal engine room, and that no matter what. These 4-dimensional quantum physical energies are difficult to ‘shut up’ in something that is physical!

That's why the energies disappear from batteries! But can you understand how a tiny and only 3-dimensional and 100% only physical big-bang atom should be able to maintain the 'constant' internal energy for more than these alleged 13.5 billion years? All atoms have an internal energy that must be used to bind with other atoms, and thus be able to form the very important physical molecules, thus creating all the physical and detectable mass. So here we are dealing with the absolute 'overmen' of the Duracell kings, the alleged everlasting big-bang atoms!

Imagine that these only 3-dimensional and only physical big-bang atoms, which are the tiny size, cannot lose their internal energy for over 13.5 billion years? And they are always fully charged!?

How can this be true even in a big-bang interpreted universe? How can a tiny atom, only 3-dimensional and only physical big-bang atom, retain these internal energies for well over 13.5 billion years without losing any of these internal energies, which must be there to sustain the existence of physical mass?

Can you possibly explain it? How can anyone even claim this misguided understanding of physical mass? Without these very necessary and constantly renewable internal energies in the atoms, there can be no permanent physical mass! Therefore, it is actually amazing that the universe still exists! But this is only due to the fact that we do not live in a big-bang interpreted universe!

The universe we actually live in is in a quantum physically controlled universe, and it is also the only conceivable possibility after all.

The only conceivable possibility for an atom in the universal engine room to retain and continue to contain its internal energy for billions of years is that the atom itself is 4 dimensional, bipartite, and has a nonphysical twin atomic nucleus that radiates energies into the 3-dimensional physical side of the atom and into the Higg's field! It's the energetic oscillating quantum physics side of the atom, and there you'll find the transfer of all these 'nuclear energies'!!

These 'two nuclei and parts' of the atom share the exact same universal geometric points in the universal engine room, but lie in different overlapping dimensions. Remember that the 4th dimension is the 'energy dimension' of the universal engine room! There is no other way to explain that atoms can retain internal energies for over such a long period of time. This is the quantum physical solution to the energy supply to absolutely all universal atoms, and therefore the atom is a 'two-part' field, which is quantum physical, with a physically visible and detectable side! The quantum physics side is the atom itself, which is an energetic oscillating field! Inside every detectable atom, we find a Higg's field, and the Higg's field's marvelous substance!

This also reinforces the impression that our universe is created in a completely different way, and that our universal engine room works in a completely different way than until now assumed by the misinterpreted big-bang universe, and all the subsequent and totally useless big-bang theories, regardless of any version.

After all, there are two or three versions of this big-bang interpretation, and none of them even comes close to being correct in the interpretation of the universe! You just won't find anything in the big-bang interpretation that's right!

You will also find no absolute evidence, in the big-bang interpretation, model and physics!

Once again, the big-bang scenario and the only 3-dimensional and only physical mass fail! We already have two versions running all the time, and that's the standardized 3-dimensional physics with a big-bang!

The second is the standardized natural science, also with a big-bang model. The difference is that science has finally accepted that there is 'dark mass' and 'dark energy' in the universal engine room. But these two ingredients are both nonphysical and quantum physical, and they just don't arise from a big-bang interpreted universe.

All universal atoms are and remain 4 dimensional, lying in a 5-dimensional spacetime!! A big-bang scenario is demonstrably a total physical impossibility to implement, in any universal sense, and has demonstrably never happened! So forget about a big-bang! Forget about only 3-dimensional and only physical big-bang atoms. They just don't exist!!

6.When this energy less and alleged big-bang has supposedly created all the alleged physical big-bang mass via this alleged Higg's bozone, then this mass rushes beyond this explosion point, in all directions of the sphere, and at an extremely high speed!

There is absolutely nothing that can stop the wild flight of this physical mass in the universe. This ends in the famously expanding and thinning balloon universe. According to big-bang physics, all gravity in the universe is linked to physical mass itself, in the form of an alleged Graviton particle! Well, this weak gravitational force that this Graviton particle represents in the physical big-bang mass is now moving into a very large and rapid dispersion after this alleged big-bang. It can only go one way, and that is besides at a very high speed, and that without stopping!

It is not the gravity of these alleged Graviton particles that can slow down the wild spread. Nor is it the vacuum, or the 'suppression' inside the big-bang, that can pull the 'balloon' back together after the 'explosion'. After all, there was absolutely nothing present when this alleged big-bang fizzled out, so there was already the absolute vacuum!!! In other words, nothing can stop this enormous spread. Nothing can stop this rapid 'thinning' that happens after this big-bang! Thus, it can also be established, once again, that a big-bang interpreted universe is a total impossibility in itself, and have never happened!

So is the question whether this graviton particle even exists? They just can't find it down there in the particle accelerator in Cern, and now it's October 2018! This leads to there being no gravity in this supposedly big-bang interpreted universe at all. There are absolutely no Graviton particles! It also concludes the flow and ebb effect. But the graviton particle is also completely superfluous in the correctly interpreted universal engine room. Universal gravity is performed by all the nonphysical and quantum physical 4-dimensional gravitational fields that are in the active engine room of the universe!

There are almost incomprehensibly many of them, and in all possible sizes, and in every conceivable physical level! Only gravitational fields create everything we can see, discover and detect!

Again, the big-bang scenario and understanding of universal gravity fail. Being able to understand the 4-dimensional nonphysical universal gravity just right is alpha and omega if you are thinking about understanding what is really going on in the active universal engine room!

But before you can understand gravity properly, you must understand the physics of this nonphysical 4th dimension, and you will know all about that in the book. Physics is a separate and unique 4-dimensional physics of its own, and it is fully proven today. The 4th dimension of this advanced physics is the dimension that is really missing from the universal interpretive picture. There is also a unique 5-dimensional physics, in the 5-dimensional universal engine room. It's the ‘space’ itself. Space is thus 5-dimensional in depth! These two nonphysical dimensions must be there, in the correctly interpreted universal quantum physics! If not, no universe!

7.The next big problem that arises is how can this rapidly spreading physical mass be assembled into moons, planets and stars, etc.? For that, a very real and just right universal gravity is needed! The famous quantum physical gravitational field!

Can you possibly explain how this physical mass can become all the celestial bodies we have in the universe? After all, there is only a dispersion of all the physical big-bang mass, and that at a very high rate.

The alleged gravitational effect of all these alleged and non-existent Graviton particles cannot in any way assemble the rapidly spreading physical mass into the many celestial bodies that actually exists in the universe. So once again, a standardized big-bang scenario can't be used to understand how the universal engine room really works. I hope you can understand that.

Once again, we have to go into the nonphysical 4th dimension and find the nonphysical quantum physical and 4-dimensional gravitational field. It is only all these many gravitational fields that can both create the physical mass and hold the created physical mass together, on the inside of the same respective creative gravitational fields. Remember that the universal vacuum is absolutely and totally depressurized. That is, not overpressure or negative pressure, but an absolute and totally pressure less vacuum!

All celestial bodies spinning on its own axis contain an excess pressure that will out! The only way to achieve this internal pressure is inside a nonphysical quantum physical gravitational field.

But how does this work and what will be the result of this?

This eventually turns into a 'pressure cooker'. The pressure that will exert will only increase all the time, and therefore there must also be a medium that can first create this internal pressure, and to hold back the pressure, and to achieve an internal pressure! These are some of the tasks for the nonphysical and 4-dimensional gravitational field. But it has a lot more 'tasks'!

This gravitational field is, as I said, nonphysical both in nature and character. The gravitational waves are inherently also 4-dimensional and nonphysical both in nature and character, and thus by definition cannot be seen, discovered or detected. They 'press' towards the centre all the time!

They cannot be detected in the simple way! Something more is needed, something much bigger! They claim to have detected gravitational waves by inserting two laser beams from two different angles and at long distances, hitting a mirror several kilometers away!

The question is more whether it is tremors from the planet that they are detecting in this attempt to reveal these gravitational waves! But there are some who actually claim to believe that these gravitational waves, or gravitons, could be revealed. Huge sums of money are being spent on this, without any useful results whatsoever! This can only be achieved if the political will exists, and it is, in this politically introduced big-bang universe! But these gravitational waves do exist, but in a higher frequency!! But I question the approach!?!

There is actually an instrument today that can detect the variation of these marvelous gravitational waves, and what kind of instrument this is you will learn in the book ‘Rediscovering the Fifth Dimension’.

This is not an instrument that is originally built to reveal gravitational waves, but is basically to be used for something completely different! This instrument actually picks up pressure variations in the gravitational waves, and it can actually be fully proven! Of course, you will also find this evidence in the book. You also get evidence of how gravitational fields create physical mass and keep it together.

That is, you get to know the universal secret that lies in how all universal atoms are really created! This secret is the key to understanding quantum physical mass!

With this new deep-seated understanding of the creation of all the universal quantum physical atoms, you will begin to truly understand this real quantum physical universe! Universal gravity is one of the most misunderstood issues in all today's versions of big-bang physics, no matter which, and is the main reason astrophysicists and physicists can't figure this out with the stars. How they are formed and how they work, etc.!

Universal gravity must be understood correctly, otherwise it will go as it has done for astrophysicists and physicists. They can't explain the stars!! Again, we end up in this with the particle and the wave, and the wave wins every single time! This is only because the universe is only quantum physical and nonphysical, and is the 'wave' throughout!

The explanation of how gravity arises, how it creates and develops the universe into what we see today, you get a very thorough explanation of, in the first and basic book. You'll also get a thorough explanation of how all these gravitational lenses come into existence and how they evolve into these famous gravitational lenses! All this is 100% controlled by this 5-dimensional quantum physics. The universe's only real fundamental model and physics!

8.The next problem is getting light into the universe so that it can be seen! The only 3-dimensional and only physical big-bang mass can only produce physical waves, and none of these only physical waves can pass through the universal vacuum! That is an undeniable universal fact! So all kinds of imaginable big-bang physical processes that can take place inside the star cannot become the starlight that lights up our everyday lives!

The secret lies in how the light itself is formed in the star. The light is quantum physical, and is nonphysical both in nature and character, and the light is thus 4 dimensional! This also means that the light coming from the star is totally invisible. This happens via a nonphysical and quantum physical process in the corona to the star, and the corona 'is' the gravitational field! Now, many will say that we can see the solar disk and the light coming from there, but what we can see are the physical processes on the surface of the star. Light is claimed to be rays, and if they are, then they are still completely invisible, as everything else that is nonphysical in this universe is.

The light is actually more like a coherent quantum physical field that propagates in all directions of the sphere! Light only becomes visible when it does something that is already physical. Like when the light hits the lens of the telescope out there in space, or in the visor of the astronaut, or that it hits the atmosphere and scatters as the starlight that we perceive it to be.

Nothing that is physical can be seen, discovered or detected if it does not contain this famous universal substance that Carl David Anderson demonstrated and proved once in the 1930s!

This matter is the only matter in the entire universe, and it is this matter that exists in everything that is 'physical' and thus it is this matter that determines what is detectable and physical or not!?! These 4-dimensional and invisible 'light rays' from the star take this universal matter in the physical mass, and this meeting between these two very different frequencies makes the physical mass visible, observable and detectable. The frequencies drop in frequency in that encounter! It is this 'substance' that separates the nonphysical side from the physical side. This is where the striking distinction between the physical and the nonphysical worlds begins, and the 'matter' only makes the universe visible, observable, and in a way 'physical'!! But it's only quantum physical!!

This leads to the fact that the processes that create light are 'quantum physical' processes, and all these processes typically take place inside the star and end in the star's gravitational field. Regardless, every transmission of information or energies must have a medium to pass through. All such transfers take place in the nonphysical 4th dimension, and via the medium called the 'quantum physical' 4-dimensional ether, also called The Zero Point Grid! This nonphysical medium must be there for the universal engine room to function as it really does. Without the ether, no transmitted light from the star. All communication or transfer of energies in the universe can only take place via this universal nonphysical ether!!

An example of this communication is that which takes place between the two parts of the split photon. That communication cannot be explained by a big-bang universe. The only physical big-bang universe shows once again that it cannot stand up when it comes to just the right universal explanation and understanding. If the physical mass is only 100% physical, both in nature and character, and is only 3 dimensional, then the universal engine room will not work!

That is and remains a universal fact! It will also lead to a completely 100% static and dark universe, and we can see with our own eyes that this is not the case. So thus we can forget about any interpreted big-bang scenario. But hopefully you've understood that by now!

9.We know very well that there is a big universal inflation/expansion, and now we also know that that inflation/expansion does not come from a big-bang scenario! There is not much left of this famous energyless big-bang now, so why not just say goodbye to the Newtonian universe, the Bohrian universe and the standardized universe! They all have full faith that the creation of the universe happened by means of an 'energy less' big-bang. The big-bang theory also 'produces' all these only 3-dimensional and only physical atoms, just like the Bohrian atomic model is! So does the standardized scientific model and physics!

Thus, none of these three big-bang theories are right about how the universe was created, and therefore they do not know how the universal engine room really works. But what makes natural science not quite comparable to standardized 3-dimensional physics is because science has gradually calculated that there must be a 'dark' energy that causes the universe to expand.

There is also a 'dark' mass that must be there, if not then the galaxies are not connected. The fact that this 'dark' energy and 'dark' mass can only be calculated is because the two also belong to these two amazing nonphysical and quantum physical 4th and 5th dimensions. This 4th dimension is the absolutely creating, controlling and steering dimension, in all respects in the 4-dimensional physical world, and in the 5-dimensional very active universal quantum physical engine room. In other words, it is the most dominant dimension in the entire very active 5-dimensional universal quantum physics image!

All physical mass in the universal engine room is 4 dimensional, and lies in a 5-dimensional spacetime. This means that everything you see around you is at least 4 dimensional.

The 3-dimensional appearance is actually an optical illusion! Everything in a 'spherical' field will be 3-dimensional in appearance! A universal geometric fact! The true universal fact is that there is actually nothing in the entire universe that is only 3-dimensional and only physical! You won't find any physical mass in this entire universal engine room that doesn't contain the minimum 4 dimensions!

The innermost thing you get to is not 3 dimensional, but fully 4 and 5 dimensional, and only that! There is no such thing as 100% only 3-dimensional and 100% only physical mass in this active universal engine room!

All of this is quantum physical, and 4 dimensional, at a minimum!!!

What you find around it is a nonphysical universal space, the 5th dimension and the vacuum. So, everything you see is fully 4 dimensional, and all the void in between is 4-dimensional and 5-dimensional and is nonphysical and quantum physical, and all that, again, lies in an absolutely universal vacuum. It is only the Higg's field that can obtain this quantum physical matter that can be seen, discovered and detected, and this matter is also fully 4-dimensional and quantum physical! This universal fact hopefully kills the last hope that big-bang supporters cling to. As I said, there has never ever been an alleged big-bang!

As mentioned, the universe is created in a completely different way, and this leads to a completely different and dominant physics in the universal engine room. The way the fully proven gravitational field enters our existence describes the most important physical principle in our universe.

It is perhaps the most important physical principle in the universe, in general. It is the very basic physical principle, of a very specific universal law, which is clearly not included in today's big-bang interpretation.

The 'round' energetic oscillating field's quantum physics law! This newer and more correct and fundamental universal model and physics is entirely 5 dimensional, leaving only the proven Einsteinian universe that matches these 5 dimensions. The particle accelerator only proved the existence of the wave, the field universe, and the Higg's field! Once again, the wave wins over the physical particle!

Einstein's extended theory of relativity demonstrably also says 5 coordinates, which means that there must be 5 dimensions in the active universal engine room. The same theory also says that the universe must expand! Something that in retrospect turns out to be more correct than the claimed, and more 'static' and 'constant' universal interpretation inherent, in this politically standardized big-bang scenario!

All the resulting wrong big-bang interpretations that come out of this politically imposed big-bang universe will always be wrong and false! The universe is more 'alive' than it is 'dead'. This means that we live in a very dynamic and 'living' universe, which is growing in volume due to the expansion that is taking place, and which for this reason is supplied with energies all the time, which in turn leads to more physical mass!

Creation has never stopped! Creation is happening right now!! It started a very long time ago and continues to this day and will continue to do so for a long time to come. As I said, the universe is created in a completely different way than previously assumed, in a false and politically interpreted big-bang universal picture of understanding, and the universal creation is not over yet! The universe is several times older than what the big-bang model claims! Maybe 3-5 times as old. Perhaps even older, since the very first light of creation!

10. In this real universe, something very important is missing, namely living life! But there is a very big difference between the physical mass that the universe is created to be and the biological mass that all living life consists of. These two types of physical mass just can't be compared, completely! Only due to the fact that one type of mass contains the famous DNA sequence!

It does not make the second type of the universal physical mass!

But what is common to both these two types of physical mass is that they both consist of these quantum physical, two-part, 4-dimensional atoms, which lie in a 5-dimensional spacetime.

But there are big differences between these two types of mass, the physical, and the biological!

That is, the big-bang universe itself can't come up with this advanced DNA sequence! Should the big-bang universe itself be able to come up with this advanced DNA sequence, through what is called a coincidence?? There is just no possibility of that at all! This highly advanced DNA sequence is common to absolutely everything that exists of living biological life in this universe! This living biological life can only be created by this highly advanced 5-dimensional quantum physics!

Also, remember that the alleged RNA,which supposedly creates the right DNA, is also fully biological!!

But living biological life can only be created when conditions dictate that biological life can begin! So, the interpretation that lies in the big-bang model, you can once again throw in the trash can!

Many believe that life must have come here to the planet, from somewhere else in the universe. I have no faith in that at all! Life here on the planet occurs locally here on the planet! Why should it be an impossibility for life to arise here, completely locally on the planet??

If you just follow this big-bang mindset backwards, then you end up with life having to be created somewhere completely different! But how, where and when? How is this supposed to happen when there are no other places left in the universe to claim that it came from there? That's where we're going, and then you can forget that life must have come from somewhere else! How does the DNA profile and biological life arise?

Do you understand the distances in this vast universe?? How long do you think it will take to bring life here, and where would this life come from? Everything must have a beginning, and an end. In our case, life starts here locally on the planet, and what sets this in motion is advanced quantum physics! This happened a really long time ago, and some believe that this started about 6-7 billion years ago. The Cimbrian explosion, but it may have started up earlier! Unfortunately, there are no other options left when you really think through this biological 'problem'!

It is quantum physics that creates absolutely everything in this active universal engine room, and that definitely includes living biological life! That's why what remains of the universe is created first!

The physical universe is created to be the platform for the fully biological living life.

It is only in this physical state that we, who are the 5-dimensional and paranormal 'souls', are able to multiply and become the quantum physical 4-dimensional astral bodies, and therefore the universe is created for us! Is that a completely unthinkable thought for you? If that's an unthinkable thought, think hard through this again!

Only when the planet is far enough in universal development can life be released. What amazes many scientists in this world is precisely this Cimbrian explosion. Suddenly, and out of what, almost everything of living life arose!? All this new living life separates itself from the rest of the planet, precisely because of this illustrious DNA sequence! It is so sophisticatedly made and composed that it is a total physical impossibility in itself that this could come about by a 'strange' universal big-bang coincidence! I really hope that can be understood in just the right way! The big-bang universe cannot 'produce' the DNA strand!

The universe itself is absolutely no coincidence, it is completely planned down to the smallest detail! It takes a plan and a solution to be able to create this entire universe in just the right way!

There must be a universal law and a universal order in this 5-dimensional and very active universal engine room for the universe to function at all!

All of this is being done by this advanced highly active 5-dimensional quantum physics!

It is quantum physics that creates everything in this active universal engine room, and it only happens via the advanced quantum physical 5-dimensional universal model and physics!

It is also only quantum physics that creates, controls and steers absolutely everything about the living and biological DNA sequence! That is absolutely what we are talking about! Therefore, it is also quantum physics that controls us, through our genes! The genes again, can actually be 'programmed', and this happens throughout your life. That is, everything that is of living biological life is completely different from the rest of the universe!

We, who are created out of this living biological life, are therefore very special in this universal image of understanding. We are perhaps the icing on the cake, in the so-called physical world, where we are completely on our own!!

But we are all biological 'robots' and we must learn absolutely everything from scratch. It is the doctrine that will take you further in the course of your life! All your 'teachings' are encoded into your DNA strand.

However, some of the biological learning that comes from genes can be reflected in the offspring, the children! But again, there's almost enough debatable material in it for a whole new book! This, with the overriding biological DNA, is a very interesting area!

All this has happened because the universe is created in the quantum physical way, and not by an alleged and widely misinterpreted big-bang! In the supposedly big-bang universe, there will be no living biological life!

Because living biological DNA-controlled life just can't arise all by itself and out of an absolute DNA-less and so called universal electrochemical big-bang mass! I hope you can understand that, even with a big-bang background and conviction!

To more easily separate them, so we have a universal 'chemical' mass and we have a universal biological mass! If there are conditions that correspond to the fact that biological life can be 'inserted', then this biological appears, and that no matter where in this universe. Therefore, the chances that the entire universe is full of biological life are also present! It is the gravitational field of quantum physics that is behind all forms of creation, in this active universal engine room!

But it all comes out of the incoming energetic oscillating universal information, from the older universe outside, and this universal information first creates the information field, which is the 7th dimension, and this very first field creates the vacuum and overpowers all within the surrounding quantum physical processes!

The field contains time and all universal laws and describes all possible quantum physical processes! This is part of the universal continuum, and within the vacuum we find our universal and very active engine room, which can only function just right with 5 very active dimensions! This also says Einstein's proofs and it says my evidence!! 

As mentioned, it is quantum physics that is the intermediary in the correct understanding of the creation of the universe and the creation of biological living life! I hope that you gradually begin to realize and accept that! If you are now beginning to understand some more of this more advanced 5-dimensional quantum physics, then I might have got you a little more interested in the totality of this with the creation of the universe, and the creation of living biological life!

The physics that emerges from this quantum physical creation can in no way be compared to the big-bang interpretation of physics in the universe. These two interpretations are like night and day, and are very different in the interpreted universal picture of understanding. But you've probably figured that out by now.

But as mentioned, only this 5-dimensional quantum physics can be used if you want to know how the universe really works! It just doesn't work with a 3-dimensional big-bang solution!

Hopefully, the researchers and the particle accelerator have decided this once and for all!


11. What remains is the only possible and right solution to creation, and which physics is the ruling and dominant, in the universal engine room. This is about a completely new and fundamental 5-dimensional quantum physics! When I say basic, it means that the whole big lump of the 95% of the largely unknown universe in our engine room is explained in detail, in my books.

This completely new and more real physics, in the universal engine room, is groundbreaking on all sorts of fronts, and has the great advantage of being able to explain the entire engine room of the universe, and not just the measly 5% that is with physical mass!

'Dark'  mass  and 'dark'  energy belong to these new, for you, unknown 4th and 5th dimensions, and both of which are 100% 'quantum physical', both in nature and character. In other words, they are quantum physical and nonphysical and therefore cannot be seen, observed or detected! There is no other way to understand the actual creation of our universal engine room just right, than to use the right version of quantum physics, and it is and remains 5 dimensional!

That brings us back to the issue of the wave, not the particle! The active universe itself is 5 dimensional, but only the 3-dimensional and physical side of the universe is visible and detectable.

It is the 'matter'  that makes the universe visible  and 'physical' and detectable! The universe is not physical at all, it is a universal quantum physical hologram!

What are basically these 10 important reasons why there can't have been a big-bang is just to try to convince you that both Newton and Bohr are wrong, and that the only one in this 'old' field who was reasonably right turned out to be Albert Einstein, and the 5-dimensional universe. What the oligarchs so wanted to get their hands on and what they got! We should also remember people like Faraday, Maxwell, Tesla and Carl David Anderson! They were all really groundbreaking in what they came up with, and it was good!

The Einsteinian 5-dimensional universe is not based on a false big-bang scenario, because Einstein probably had, like me, great difficulty understanding where all the incomprehensible large amount of energy was going to come from that would trigger this alleged big-bang. This is despite the fact that they did not know at the time that the universe was larger than the only galaxy, the Milky Way. So, a big-bang scenario, I don't think was exactly in the direction that Einstein was immediately thinking in. An expanding universe, with an incomprehensibly high inflation, works much better according to a quantum physical model than according to the big-bang model. This new 5-dimensional model also reveals the entire inflation, via quantum physics, down to the smallest details.

There were many detailed explanations missing in the overall picture, and at the very basic level, in all these previously mentioned big-bang theories, and that in any one of them.

In fact, also in Einstein's extended theory of relativity. But so much new knowledge has come over these last 100 years, and all the useful part of this new information and the more recent knowledge, i.e., completely new proven evidence, is all the new that comes into the book, in addition to Einstein's extended theory of relativity. The theory of relativity is there as a kind of 100% balanced and proven 'bone skeleton', and all this recent information and knowledge fills out this whole 'bone skeleton', with nerves and 'flesh and blood', to put it a little metaphorically. Einstein's extended theory of relativity is a model that describes the active universal engine room as a very active 5-dimensional universe, the place where all of performing physical activities unfold, and outside it is largely 'quiet'!!

It is only the creative, controlling and steering dimensions that we find beyond that! So, it is and remains, only the innermost 5 dimensions that make up the very active part of the 'engine room', in our universe!

The Bible also describes this 5-dimensional model, and the Bible is actually a very old history book, which also explains a very advanced 5-dimensional physics model! Just think of the descriptions of Jesus' actions, like walking on water, levitating, restoring a hand, feeding thousands of people with a few fish and a few loaves of bread! These 'things' just can't be explained by a starting point in a fake and politically imposed only 3-dimensional big-bang model plus time! The interpretation of the Bible comes into its own when you have finally understood this right 5-dimensional model! We can take a look at the very first words of the Bible and 'translate' the written words of the Bible into the new 5-dimensional quantum physical provable interpretive thought!

'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God'!

But what does this phrase basically mean, in a universal language, based on quantum physics? 

In the beginning was the word! Here we must first notice the 'word' because, what is the meaning and understanding of the 'word'? When we talk, we use 'words', and all these pronounced 'words' we can only perceive as information!

We can hear these many different words, and all these different words together, and that regardless of language, is information!! Different words turn into understandable sentences, which in turn may explain something completely new that you knew nothing about! So, this is new information! So, the 'word' can be 'translated' into information! Is this perfectly understandable?

'And the Word was with God'! The phrase 'was with' means, was with, i.e., mixed with! So, the word and God, is a 'mixed duo', in this universal image of understanding!! But who, or what, is this 'God'? The word 'God' is perceived as the great creator, and to create something is to generate energies, and 'God' is the energies, in this perception! Energies, again, are frequencies! This means that the information is mixed with the frequencies, and this particular mix of information and frequencies was also the blue-white 'troubled image' presented in the video to Professor David Tong!! 'The universal information'! The ‘troubled’ energies!

'And the 'word' was God! After all, God is described in the Bible as the Creator of absolutely everything that can be seen, discovered, and detected, plus a lot more that has not yet been described, because it cannot be seen, discovered, or detected immediately!

But God is the great creator who creates the universe from some kind of detailed planned 'plan'!! In order to accomplish this, there must also exist something we call information, and this information describes how the energies must 'behave' in order to create and 'drive' everything that exists in this universe!

So 'Gods word' is a mixture of frequencies and information, which through the right universal laws, and via the right universal physical principles, dictated by the universal laws, creates, governs and controls the entire universe, precisely through these universal laws, frequencies and information!! Frequencies are oscillating energies that just can't be still, but must constantly 'pulsate', and this creates energies, universal informational energies!

Quantum physics 'translated', this becomes the following saying; In the beginning, the information was, and the information was mixed with frequencies, and the information is the frequencies! This is the starting point for the creation of our universe, and this, as I said, comes from the Bible and is here 'translated' into the quantum physical ‘language’! As I said, the Bible is a very old history book that explains a 5-dimensional model, a very advanced 5-dimensional physics, which is not a 3-dimensional big-bang model!! Let this sink in for a while and think for yourself!!

Just as I explain in all my books! My 5-dimensional quantum physics model is proven!!

This explains what all the researchers and the particle accelerator came up with from results, absolutely no molds for 100% only physical particles!!! They could only detect energetic oscillating fields, and a most strange universal substance! This 'substance' does not exist in the 5th dimension, so this substance only exists inside this '3rd dimension'! It is inside 'the physical reality'!!

There are no forms of physical particles in the universe, and therefore this '3rd dimension', only a holographic image, is on the only two active dimensions of the universal engine room! As mentioned in the first book, everything we see is just a 3-dimensional illusion, something that naturally arises inside a bubble or sphere! It is the universal geometric law that determines this, and it again explains that the universe can only be a 5-dimensional universe, made up of energetic oscillating fields, just like the proofs from the particle accelerator!!

It is all this brand new corrected and updated information that is the basis for the book ‘Rediscovering the Fifth Dimension’. All this recent and updated information leads to just the right interpretation of the highly active universal 5-dimensional quantum physics engine room. The most important of this recent piece of information is David Rountree's proof of the nonphysical 4-dimensional gravitational field, and the accompanying internal vacuum bubble!

Only quantum physics can create a vacuum bubble in the space where you stand without using a pressure tank! It only happens in the quantum physical way, the one that has now been revealed in detail! This gravitational field has now been fully proven, both by Einstein and by David Rountree, which means that universal gravity is also fully revealed! The greater universal function for this gravitational field is what I've explained in my books, so reed all my books!

The right explanation and interpretation of how universal gravity really works, you only get in the book ‘Rediscovering the Fifth Dimension’! The book is over 600 pages, only with text!

The chapter dealing with universal gravity is about 50 pages! Then read the book and experience creation in just the right way, and which leads to just the right universal physics, in this very active 5-dimensional universal quantum physics machine room.

The very first astrophysicists and physicists who read all my books will also be among the very first to be able to prove that this completely new and fundamental philosophy, model, theory and physics, actually shows the way to the correctly interpreted universe! Thus, they can also gradually prove that the right universal understanding picture, which lies in this brand new 5-dimensional universal model and physics, is the right universal understanding of quantum physics.

Best of all, astrophysicists and physicists will eventually also be able to explain how a star actually becomes a star and what a black hole actually is!!

But this requires these astrophysicists and physicists to read my very basic theory, and understand this brand-new model, and how physics works in this 5-dimensional model! In the book you will also get answers to why there are gravitational lenses in the universe and why they arise in the first place, and not least why we can actually detect them! We can reveal how this quantum physical and nonphysical side effects the physical side of the universe! This is where this quantum physics side can be revealed, demonstrated and fully proven!

Remember what Tesla said; Only when humanity begins to explore the paranormal side of the universe will they discover how the universe is structured! Very wise words from a very wise man! That's just what I've done with all my books!

That's also what I've been doing for the last 40 years now, which is trying to figure out what was going on when I had an 'out of body experience'! It was such a powerful experience that I wanted to find out how universal physics could possibly allow it to happen! I've now spent over 40 years trying to prove that, and now I can prove every single part of physics, in the out-of-body experience!

This took place precisely in the universal ether, and in the quantum physical 4th dimension, and ended up outside our universal bubble, in an even larger universal bubble! But some of that story is described in the first and very basic book! So, read it too!

So welcome to the real reality, which is and will remain a 5-dimensional very active universal engine room, and welcome to the ‘Rediscovering the Fifth Dimension’! The description of the right and very basic universal 5-dimensional quantum physics! Also welcome to the rest of this new very enlightening book, which is a sequel to the previous books!

If you have not read this first and very basic book, then it is strongly recommended that you do exactly that!

But you'll be able to understand this whole basic main model, but not so many of the crucial details!

The crucial little details are only available in the first book, so read it! Well, there are also a lot of revealing details in this third book too! After all, this is meant to be a series of universal revelations!

Once you understand how the main model works, you probably want more details!

Only the universal laws and quantum physical principles can be behind the creation of this universe!! But these universal laws and physical principles do not arise by themselves, do they?!! 'Someone' or 'Something' must be behind all this, and the creation itself, don't you think so!?! 'Who' or 'What' is basically behind these universal laws and physical principles?? How has this basically happened? For that, we first need a very correct description of the right universal laws! The laws of quantum physics in a newly interpreted provably universal holographic picture of understanding!

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