David Rountree's proofs of the 4-dimensional gravitational field!

David Rountree's proofs of the 4-dimensional gravitational field!


David Rountree is a trained physicist and has gradually also become a skilled 'ghost hunter'! He is also a trained electronics engineer, which means that he understands all sorts of electronic gizmos and duppedites and what they can do and what you can get them to do. This has then led to him largely further developing and assembling all his advanced High Tech devices himself, out of the many suitable laboratory approved instruments. This is very revealing, and actually reveals something of this 4th dimension! But laboratory-approved instruments cost a lot of money, and therefore the right research in this research area is relatively expensive.

Over a long period of time, he has carried out an incredible number of exciting experiments with these advanced devices! The best known is probably 'The Worm Hole Experiment' where he, among other things, discovers, demonstrates and proves that wormholes are only open for a nanosecond. It's actually the very short time it takes a transfer from A to B. I also believe this is the right answer regardless of distance within the universe.

It is also more in line with this new quantum physics, and the properties inherent in this quantum physical 4th dimension ether!

He has assembled somewhere between 20 and 30 different devices, each of which picks up very different reactions in physics, and all these devices are then connected to his computer in real time.

In this way, he manages to get all the different data and results from all the different devices into the computer, in real time. It's almost like it is in the recording studio, where all sound sources enter the master tape, in real time. It can be heard on and over again! This is exactly what leads to these amazing new proven results!

The advantage of this method is that he can go through the episode over and over again and thus control absolutely everything that happened, via everything that all the different devices have now captured as different raw data, in real time. This gives him a complete overview of what happened right then and there, and then this has to be interpreted! With many more of this type of data coming from many different ghost houses, this forms an edifying pattern. It is through this repetitive process of the recorded and the processed data, which also takes place in real time on the computer, and which has made him discover and fully detect the vacuum bubble itself, and thus also the gravitational field itself, the creating, controlling and steering quantum physical 4-dimensional gravitational field, and thus actually also fully proven it.

What the devices reveal is that there is an electromagnetic signature lying around a vacuum bubble in that room, and that is a total physical impossibility, according to yesterday's science standardized interpreted big-bang physics, in which everything must be 100% physical, made up of only 100% physical particles! This space-time bubble that suddenly appeared there and contained only vacuum also affected local gravity.

In other words, it was a vacuum bubble, inside a gravitational field, that he discovered!

It starts with a small gamma-ray burst, and at this specific point where this gamma-ray burst occurred, an increasing ionization begins, which gives off a kind of electromagnetic signature! This means that energies are now injected into this specific point, and then this point opens up into a sphere-like bubble, and in doing just that, this growing vacuum bubble pushes away everything in its path, forming an absolute vacuum inside! Now, in fact, Archimedes Law comes into this picture, along with the really cold side!

The outline of this new vacuum bubble has an electromagnetic signature, and inside there is only vacuum! Now notice that energies come from a place, and start this very central and universal way of creating quantum physical fields! These energies come from the energy-rich quantum physical 4th dimension, the energy and communication dimension! These energies, which are the potential energies of this 4th dimension, come out of the field inside the other field, and come out of a large rotating 5th dimension, located in between two stationary fields, namely the 7th dimension and the large 4th dimension! Hence the amount of energies!

So here we have one example, out of many, that demonstrates and proves the most active field in the great universal active engine room, the gravitational field! The gravitational field in the universe is in a way comparable to the processor in the computer! The two control almost everything that happens, and they are the only ones who can change the environment that they themselves are a part of! They are the most powerful 'objects' in this specific context, and this 'principle of creation' shows up throughout this new quantum physical model! This just needs to be understood in just the right way, in the 5-dimensional holographic way, with 5 very active dimensions in the active universal engine room!

Well, here I have put in the correct 4-dimensional interpretation of this phenomenon called a 'space-time bubble', which is a small and empty gravity field that suddenly just arises then and there, or here and now!

This space-time bubble could turn into a new universe, even if it were! The most famous sighting that comes out of this is the famous cold spot or area! Inside this cold bubble, there can be temperatures as low as -270 degrees Celsius, or almost 0 degrees Kelvin! Have you heard of the mammoths found with food in their mouths? They have definitely been hit by such a mega-sized vacuum bubble!

If such a bubble opens up to a kilometer large bubble or even larger, and that this happens in a matter of seconds, then the temperature inside the bubble will be well below the -250 degrees Celsius!

It can and will quickly deep freeze these mammoths while they eat, and the result is exactly the find that has been made!

This is just a tiny beginning of the explanation of this 5-dimensional very active quantum physical universe! Precisely through this interpreted way, I have been looking at the universe since the mid-90s!

It's in the main model of the hologram model, and all this that David Rountree has demonstrated and proven so far was enough evidence that I could finally prove this only real 5-dimensional universal quantum physics! I have thanked him on several occasions for precisely this very important piece of evidence!

Our very large universe is and remains a hologram, precisely because there are no 100% physical particles in a hologram! But if the hologram is fully 5 dimensional, then we also get a fully 'physical' side, the one that is so thoroughly misunderstood by today's physicists! The big-bang perception of a hologram is only 4 dimensional, because there are only 4 dimensions in the big-bang universe!

A mere 4-dimensional hologram you can stick your hand through if you dare! The only 4-dimensional hologram, has one dimension too little to form a physical side!

Read all my books and you will get the right interpretation of the universe, and the entire basic quantum physical universe will be thoroughly explained to you, and down to the smallest details!

This is a quantum leap in the explainable universal picture of understanding!

So, this and a whole series of other experiments to David Rountree began to point in a direction that could not be right, according to today's interpreted scientific and severely limited 3-dimensional active big-bang physics. He thus gradually also began to discover this divergence in physics, which the oligarchs and elites had noticed at least 150-250 years ago, and which they got from the ancient cultural treasures, and from the other older civilizations, and from the Bible itself.

The problem was just the ingrained 3-dimensional mindset he also had at the time, because it blocked him from seeing and understanding the universe as it really appeared!

He tried for several years to come up with a new theory that could tie together all the many experiments that he had carried out, but which he did not fully understand the larger overlying meaning of.

He had plenty of results from all these experiments, but no overlying linking theory that could explain the big picture!

He could only state that he had come across something that was very important and very large in the universal understanding, although he could not quite find the deeper meaning of it, in an overall universal picture of understanding, such as in a larger overlying and coherent theory. As in the illustrious 5-dimensional 'Unified Field Theory' to Einstein!

Something that was and still is incomprehensible to most physicists, even today! The reason is, and always remains, a totally energyless big-bang as a starting point!

It is at this stage that most '3 dimensional' natural science people are today. This is where science stands firm today, just as David Rountree did back then, and cannot find the right overlying theory that can tie together all human observations in one and the same theory. The 3-dimensional physics is a false and deceptive physics, and David Rountree found out when he met a totally unknown man with a completely new and maybe real 4-dimensional theory. In any case, it points in exactly the right direction.

This problem was allegedly solved on Feb. 15, 2012, because then David Rountree met with Thomas P. Fusco, the man who came up with the new theory of this 4th dimension. Thomas P. Fusco published his theory as early as November 2011. It was the result of 30 years of research that led to the basic theory. The basis for the theory was pretty much the Bible itself!! As I have mentioned several times before, in my books, the Bible describes a lot of a 5-dimensional quantum physics!! So, the 5-dimensional quantum physics model has been known 'once', and the proof is by and large, the Bible itself!! The Bible is actually a physics and  history book, told in a whimsical and strange way, through many different stories! But what shouldn't be in that book is just 'religion'! The Bible is a historical physics book which explains a very advanced 5-dimensional quantum physics! The religious part fits just as well into the Bible as a war short story fits into a cookbook! The Bible is about past history and an advanced 5-dimensional physics!

This is the first meeting between the two, and this is where the many experiments performed and a new exciting theory collide, turning into a symphony of solid evidence for this new quantum physical 4th dimension and the newly discovered 4-dimensional gravitational field. This is an interview you absolutely must get with you if you haven't already heard it. But if you hear it again now, you will probably discover more things than you got with you last time. It lasts about 2 hours and 20 min. But it is very important to get this from the source itself, so listen to all the 5 audio clips that are on this page! You will find this link and some more links with Rountree and Fusco further down the page that you should definitely get with you. Use your time wisely and study this new 5-dimensional quantum physics carefully from all possible angles and sources!

If you want to research deeper into this new universal 5-dimensional quantum physics, then I recommend you listen to the first two audio files with David Rountree! These are the top two audio files, of the four, which are at the bottom of the page! There, David Rountree explains all his experiences regarding 'ghost hunting'! That only means finding out the unknown physics that unfolds in these, 'ghost houses'! The bottom two audio files are a slightly more recent interview with both Rountree and Fusco, in which there are some more important details! Listen and learn!

Anything that propagates in the form of energies, or that transmits any of universal information or transfers informational energies, needs a medium of some form in order to propagate anything. This kind of transfer takes place on the outside of the so-called physical mass, but within the active part of the nonphysical side of the universe, in the quantum universe, where quantum physical transfers occur the moment, they are initiated, regardless of universal distance.

Remember the results from the wormholes, which say that quantum physical transfers happen at once! In fact, there is evidence of this from the American atomic bomb programme. This took place in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and they had detonated a lot of atomic bombs, and then they had to try their hand at the hydrogen bomb. There was a finished program that included a series of hydrogen bombs to be tested, and all these hydrogen bombs were very carefully calculated to have an explosion force of 6 megatons. They detonated the first hydrogen bomb and it gave off an explosion pressure of 7.4 megatons!!

That's a whopping 25% extra energy that they couldn't understand where they came from. They punched the blasting program temporarily and wondered how it could be related that the outcome was well above the 7 megatons, and thus made a complete review of the entire project. Everything worked as it should, and then they had to detonate the second hydrogen bomb.

The result was frightening and showed that it is very difficult to calculate how the hydrogen will behave in a mega-large explosion! The result that came out of this second hydrogen bomb showed that the explosion pressure was now as much as 11.1 megatons out of a bomb that, according to all possible calculations, should not be more powerful than the 6 megatons. That is about 90% extra energy!!? Where did all these 'extra' energies come from?

Was this the limit in how far they would test out this mega-dangerous weapon? What would be the next outcome?

When they detonated the second and last hydrogen bomb, this time, they also did another experiment! They had to measure whether there was the alleged speed limit dictated by the big-bang model and science, which says that everything in the universe has a speed limit, which is the speed of light in a vacuum. Could there be anything moving faster in this universe than the alleged speed limit? When the bomb went off, according to the known speed limits and all calculations, it should take about 17-18 milliseconds before it should be felt at the other end of the measuring point. But there was no time delay at all to measure, it happened immediately! No time delay at all just means that there is a 4-dimensional ether transmitting this signal, instantly and totally without any time delay.

Just as the physics of the hologram describes this with no time delays. But there was also an energy surge 17-18 milliseconds later. The time spent was already calculated, at the speed of light in a vacuum! It is only within the 3-dimensional big-bang physics that there are these alleged speed limits. This is something you should take note of! This is also more consistent with this new 5-dimensional quantum physics, and it also aligns with the explanation of the communication between the two parts in a photon pair. This then definitely takes place in a nonphysical and quantum physical environment, and in the 4-dimensional energy-rich Ether. This is also consistent with the last publications of the perception and interpretation of Einstein's E=Mc2, and it reads; Energy = Mass, times the speed of light, c, in the second power, c2. So, E=Mc2!

The program was stopped and a study group was set up to try to find out how it is possible that a 6 megaton bomb could give an 'overpressure' of as much as 5.1 megatons and an incomprehensible total pressure of 11.1 megatons!?! Every conceivable and almost unthinkable mathematical scenario was reversed and reviewed over and over again, but without giving the satisfactory answer! That whole project seemed to get bogged down without getting an adequate answer to this incredible extra power, which just came out of this universal 'nothing', actually both times, but with two vastly different results, both of which were far beyond what they were intended for! Finally, the solution came, and the solution was actually astrology, or more accurately, the positions of the planets relative to each other. This relationship, which arises between the planets and which is part of the driving force of the right astrological and universal quantum physical understanding, thereby demonstrates and proves that there is a transfer of energies between the celestial bodies.

This controlling energy comes from the space outside our active universal engine space, and the energies that arise between the planets are quite natural in a vacuum filled with energetic planets and stars spinning around its center axis. All this is bathed in this quantum physical 4-dimensional universal ether, and it is used for precisely the transfer of energies! This is what happens in an active 5-dimensional holographic quantum physics model.

These transferring energies are not created by the physical mass, but by this alleged 'dark' energy, which actually turns out to be transferred energies from the energetic oscillating 4-dimensional ether, and which originally comes from these nonphysical dimensions which lie outside the 3-dimensional physical side of the world. Also remember that a field that moves inside another field creates energies, amounts of energies! This is known from Faraday, Maxwell and Tesla! This is also a known phenomenon from all generators!!

In 2018, several of the large gas planets in our solar system were closest to our planet, and this led to extra transferred energies into our existence here on the planet. Remember summer 2018?

There are likely to be impacts in the universal nonphysical energy dimension, and this could also affect energy levels on this planet.

The possibility that the weighing, globally, will become even more violent in the coming years is definitely present. The big question is how will this affect the human mind and psyche?

But if there are any astrologers who can explain what the positions of these planets will mean to us, then it is something to ask the astrologer concerned.

But back to this with the fact that David Rountree has built or assembled somewhere between 20 and 30 different suitable laboratory approved devices that pick up different things. All these devices are then connected to his computer. In this way, he achieves to get all the different results, from all the different devices, into the computer in real time, and this is a great advantage in the further work.

It is precisely through this innovative process, which actually also takes place in real time on the computer, that he has demonstrated, discovered and fully detected the energy field, or rather, the 4-dimensional quantum physical gravity field, and thus actually proved it. Not only that, but he has also proved the existence of the 4th dimension, and that it is nonphysical, quantum physical and that it can have an electromagnetic signature, here in the physical side! Then the thought naturally falls on Faraday, Maxwell and Tesla.

What the devices reveal is that there is an electromagnetic signature lying around a vacuum bubble in that room, and it is a total physical impossibility, according to today's 3-dimensional scientific standardized physics. This energy field, this 'space-time bubble' that arose there and contained only this vacuum, also affected local gravity.

In other words, it was a vacuum bubble, inside a gravitational field, that he had discovered, demonstrated and proved. The proof of the gravitational field!

You just need to learn the physics of this brand new universal image of understanding! This brand new 5-dimensional quantum physics model!

The most important thing to notice here is the very physical principle that comes along with this energy field, and the way this energy-rich oscillating field comes into our existence! So, this and a whole series of other experiments began to point in a direction that couldn't be right, according to today's standardized science physics and the claims that come from NASA, among others.

David Rountree thus gradually also began to discover this divergence in physics that the elites had noticed at least 150–250 years ago, and which they got from the ancient cultural treasures and from the old 'sacred' scriptures, and from the Bible. The problem was just the ingrained 3-dimensional mindset that he had at the time. Because the only 3-dimensional thoughts blocked him from seeing the universe as it really appeared. Like most physicists today, after the 'shocking' result of the particle accelerator! 

He tried for several years to come up with a new theory that could tie together all the results of all the experiments that he had carried out, but of which he did not fully understand the larger overlying universal meaning. Just like science today! He could only state that he had come across something that was very important and very large in the newer universal understanding, although he could not quite find the deeper meaning of it in an overall universal understanding, as in a larger overlying and coherent theory. The path to universal truth is not via the big-bang model and physics, that's 100% for sure!

It is thus the same 'diagnosis' that today's scientific 'big-bang' physicists have. Nor can they figure out this universe with only the illustrious 3 physical dimensions and nothing more. If you block the understanding that there is more to this universe, you will never, ever move forward! It is at this stage that most '3 dimensional' scientifically minded people find themselves on, today, overruled by Nasa and the top elites!? It is not this 'fake' political scientific 'bible' from NASA and the top elites that describes the real universe, so forget about the big-bang and the only 3-dimensional physics!! This was also the main problem David Rountree faced with the many lack of explanations. This is where science and NASA stand firm today, just as David Rountree did then, and cannot find the right overlying theory that can tie together all the human observations in one and the same theory.

The 3-dimensional physics is a false and deceitful physics, and David Rountree found out when he met the man with the more correct 4-dimensional theory.

This dimensional problem was solved on Feb. 15, 2012, because then David Rountree met with Thomas P. Fusco, on a radio show, the man who came up with the new theory of this 4th dimension.

It was a result of Fusco's 30 years of research that finally led to that theory. This was the first meeting between the two, and this is where the experiments performed and an excellent theory collide, turning into a whole new symphony of proofs for this 4th dimension, 4-dimensional physics and the 4-dimensional gravitational field. What the two came up with in terms of theories and absolute evidence just strengthened my already existing hologram theory!

But the two masters have also chosen to include a big-bang scenario, and 3-dimensional fully physical atoms made up of only physical particles, in the new 4-dimensional physics they are exploring.

This is also where the world's scientists are today! In all likelihood, they set the physical mass to remain the 'main engine', which then creates all energies and energy fields. That's how it was before!

It's a natural first reaction to sticking your head outside the 3-dimensional world and discovering there's more there on the outside.

I think they are wrong, and they have the evidence right under their noses, but are blended by an old and well-known 'ghost' called the big-bang. The discovery of the gravitational field in the ghost house is one of the fundamental keys to the construction and understanding of the entire universe, and they just can't understand this properly?!? They present the evidence, but don't know how this works in the properly perceived universe, the very active 5-dimensional quantum physical universal engine room! The reason is only because they have chosen to include a big-bang and only 3-dimensional fully physical atoms! It just doesn't hold up today!

The two, and today's physicists, stand inside a bubble, trying to figure out what is on the outside of this only 3-dimensional and only physical universe that we supposedly live in, but can this alleged reality be the real reality?? For that, there is far too much that just does not match all human observations, and those observations are clues that must  be followed up!

I myself have written to them and tried to make them understand this, but without success. But for the two, this was a completely new and proven 4-dimensional universal image. But the right number of active dimensions in the active engine room is and remains 5 quantum physical and holographic dimensions! Everything that exists within these active dimensions is only energy-rich oscillating fields, and the matter that the Higg's field creates and controls!

This is a universal understanding that I have had since the mid-90s, through my interpreted universal physical hologram. Over 30 years ago, I started on this hologram theory. Well, that was in 1986!

How to establish and create a fully physical hologram where 'nothing' exists. It may seem impossible, but in fact it is not. This new quantum physics model actually turned out to be the basic  'recipe' if you were to be able to 'create' a universe! I completed this work about 10 years later, i.e., in the mid-90s, to create the basis for a fully functional physical hologram, with all physical functions built in. This hologram also relied on 5 active coordinates, or dimensions, to create the fully physical universe!

But there is nothing in this universe that contains only 100% physical particles! That is, there are no 100% physical atoms! The closest we get to it is the substance from the Higg's field, but this matter is not 100% physical, because it can suddenly disappear again, and then the 'object' is only quantum physical, 4 dimensional, and therefore cannot be seen, discovered or detected, like the famous UFOs!

The substance is only quantum physical, which means that it can be there, it can disappear and it can reappear! Just like UFOs do!

When I started this project, in the mid-1980s, this was the next step in the amazing experiences in a cinema, with a 3-dimensional hologram as the new extra 'canvas'.

The problem was just that it was technologically impossible to make this hologram with the existing 3-dimensional physics and technology as it was at the time.

My very basic philosophy, theory, model and physics, comes from this very basic hologram model that I started in 1986, and which was pretty much finished sometime in the mid-90s!

That is, the main model itself!

So, I waited well over 15 years for something new and proven in physics to come out that would make it possible to complete this active 5-dimensional physical hologram.

It came along with this radio show with Rountree and Fusco. There, the evidence I needed to complete my work came in full on the universal quantum physics hologram.

There came the opportunity to finally complete my work with this real 5-dimensional universal physical hologram, and it is today, fully provable.

This new 5-dimensional physical hologram challenges the big-bang scenario and the direction that Fusco has chosen for him and Rountree! They came up with the confirmation of the 4-dimensional gravitational field, which also my physics professor had demonstrated and proved to us in school, in 1972. My physics professor demonstrated the gravitational field known from Einstein already at that time!

The evidence to Einstein from the atomic clocks was also known at that time, so the gravitational field had been revealed and proven even then, and before man was going to the moon.

Einstein's proof of the gravitational field.


Read more about Einstein and the proofs of the five-dimensional model in the trilogy 'Rediscovering the Fifth Dimension'! If you read English, then I would recommend you to start with the English edition of the first book, and this English version also has a name, and that is 'Rediscovering The Fifth Dimension'!

This English book is basically just a copy of the main model as it is in the Danish version, with important and very crucial details from the philosophy and theory behind this new 5-dimensional quantum physics model and very advanced 5-dimensional physics, the right quantum physics!

It's a good way to start up in this upcoming thorough fundamental quantum physics model!

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Here is the very first meeting and interview with David Rountree

and Thomas P. Fusco. Dated to 15. February. 2012.


For many years, David Rountree had found a lot of results out of all the experiments he has carried out. These results lacked a larger and overarching model and theory that could "tie together" all these single results into a single and overlying new model and theory. He was gradually frustrated by the lack of overlying models and theories from the scientific world.

Thomas P. Fusco is the person who, after almost 30 years of "isolation", came up with exactly this missing theory that David Rountree was missing. Thomas P. Fusco was also on the "hunt" for a physicist who could perform the necessary experiments needed to prove his new and bold 4-dimensional theory.

There was a quick-thinking radio host who then got the two gentlemen together in this radio interview.

Now these two different worlds meet, and the hand finds the glove, a little metaphorically. Now performed experiments and completely new overlying theory merge, and out of this new mix now comes a completely new, and fully proven, 4-dimensional physics.

It is here that it is discovered, demonstrated and proven that there is an "unknown" 4-dimensional physics, which of course has nothing to do with time. Time and space are 5 dimensional. This leads to all physical mass being 4 dimensional and lying in a 5-dimensional spacetime.

To anyone who "is" or is thinking of becoming a "Ghost Hunter",

Then you should hear this here and how you can do it just right!

This two-part program is about how to proceed in order to get good and fully useful results out of the research needed to reveal the strange physics that goes on in all these "ghost houses". This that you hear here is just the right and serious form of research into "ghost houses".

Programs such as "Night of Horrors", "Spirits Return", "Close Contact" and the like, which include the real clairvoyants, are also at the right and real end of the scale, and are often the starting point for the very serious side of research.


Everything else of "crazy mainstream media shows" done by foolish amateurs, like "The Ghost Hunters" and "Is There Anybody" and the like, is absolutely devastating and totally frivolous, and not least it is damaging to the reputation of the serious part of the research.

People might think that these crazy amateurs show the so-called "serious" side of research.

Such totally frivolous programs should be totally forbidden to show on national television, but it is perhaps the political angle that shines through in this.

They are allowed to graft on the Internet, but not on national television. Tv-stations should stick to That.


Here is a program with David Rountree and Thomas P. Fusco. You should take that with you too!

This two-part program is about how far David Rountree's and Thomas P. Fusco's research had come by the end of 2012. These two radio interviewers should definitely get with you!