Rediscovering the Two Quantum Dimensions!

Are you absolutely and totally convinced that the famous big bang happened? A totally out-of-scale explosion that should create all and everything we can see, observe and detect today?

How will you explain where all those explosive energies came from? Can you pinpoint the position of that very big powerplant? Can you even explain how that powerplant was created, and where?

No, you cannot explain this postulated highly explosive big bang in any way, because it never happened!

This is even fully proven down in Cern and with the big LHC, the particle accelerator, and that happened late 2016!

The big LHC has fully proved that there are no physical particles at all in this universe, only energetic oscillating fields, and a funny stuff that is created the quantum physical way only!

That means no explosion, and no, 100 % fully physical big bang atoms, inside this universe!

All what we can see, observe and detect, comes out of a singular universal point, that is true, but how does this creation happen?

Absolutely not like this very highly explosive postulated big bang! That’s for sure! This universe is not created in a highly explosive way, but with almost no energies, and with the right kind of universal laws and physical principles in play!

It starts with a flash of light, a small gamma burst, and an ionization starts up! In that ionizing space, comes a point with an electromagnetic signature, and this very special point opens up to be the very first energetic oscillating field in our universe, the information field!

This information field contains all the universal laws and all kinds of physical principles, and a small source of energy, hidden in the incoming signal, that made this very first field!

That small amount of energy will be bigger, at once the second field is created inside!

This action will explain the rise of the energy level in the universe and will explain the big hidden and unknown universal inflation!

Here we find the true and real universal inflation and expansion!

This new information field has enough energy to create the next field, and one of these fields are spinning!

According Faraday and Tesla, this makes energy, and more than enough energy to create the next field, and so on inwards…

More rotating fields make even more energy, and all the fields are getting smaller and smaller! When the rotating fields that are getting smaller, the energy level inside the system rises, and at a level in this development of the inflation and the expansion, there are enough energy to start to create the so-called physical mass that we can see, discover and detect!

But this can only happen inside an energetic oscillating field, and with atoms that are quantum physical only!

The only way that we can see, observe and detect all these quantum atoms, as molecules and as the physical mass, is because the Higg’s field produces this very special quantum physical stuff!

This very special stuff can be there, visually, disappear and reappear again!

That explains the famous stealth effect, in the very famous stealth plane, the spy plane!

So, welcome to the fully proven field universe, proven by the big LHC, the particle accelerator down in Cern!  

This totally new 5-dimensional quantum physical philosophy, theory, model and new physics, will explain you the real and true universal creation of only energetic oscillating fields!

This totally new and basic quantum physical model and physics will be fully explained to you in this book! Just by the book and read it! 

This recommendation comes from the Author of this new philosophy, theory, model, and this totally new 5-dimensional quantum physics! ! 

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