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Einstein's extended theory of relativity came out just over 100 years ago, and concluded that the universe no longer consisted of just 4 coordinates, but as many as 5 very active coordinates, in the very active universal engine room!

Coordinates just mean the same thing as dimensions, and that means there are 5 very active coordinates, or dimensions, in the active universal ‘engine room’!

The engine room is the place in the universe where absolutely everything of different active physics takes place. Outside it is ‘quiet’ in conditions! This new 5-dimensional model is today fully provable, now after a new and thorough update! An innovative update of the right 5-dimensional quantum physical model, and that within all the 5 dimensions of the very active universal engine room, but updated to today's very highest and last level of knowledge. The right quantum physics only comes from Einstein's famous 5-dimensional model! The model that today is over 100 years old!

Fully proven by the particle accelerator, 100 years after it was mathematically balanced and mathematically proven! The big-bang model and physics were found 100% false by scientists and the particle accelerator down there in Cern in late 2016! Well done to all the physicists who were around the particle accelerator!!

But note that this book was published a year before the particle accelerator proof.

Now comes the second book in this revealing series, about what is just the right universal physics and model! This book is about these two tracks and what are the consequences of these two very different interpreted universal physics! These two very different tracks in the development of physics are the greatest threat facing humanity in the coming years! If this real universal model and physics is rejected again, humanity will be virtually completely gone from this planet within 200 years. After that, there will only be tiny groups of people scattered across the planet, and it will be thousands of years before humanity recovers. But this may have happened at least once in the past and it may now be repeated! This new book is based on The Double Slit Experiment!

This experiment reveals quantum physics, stealth physics and 'invisibility physics'!

This new holographic quantum physics has all the answers to your questions.

Read both books and learn more about the universe!

This new book is called ‘The two tracks! Wave or Particle? The two-sided political solution model!’

Here in this book, I concentrate mainly on the gravitational field and the dangerous wireless frequencies. We live in a universal hologram, which in turn is powered by an active 5-dimensional quantum physics.

Our universe, roughly speaking, consists only of energetic oscillating fields and a 'substance' that can come and go. This is where stealth technology is revealed. This substance is the absolute only thing we can see, discover and detect, and the remaining universe is completely invisible. But I have 'visualized' this entire invisible universe for you and the rest of the world, and the result matches what you can see, discover and detect.

Our universe is powered only by frequencies, and all these man-made wireless frequencies 'destroy' the natural frequencies here on the planet, and lay on top of these frequencies, thus amplifying these frequencies. This mainly applies to satellites, the GPS system and all mobile phones, because all these 'devices' also run on manmade wireless frequencies.

In order for the world temperature to begin to go down again, one must 'quit' these 'frequency monsters', and this before this becomes really critical.

When it comes to the repulsive gravitational fields in our universe, they are completely exposed, picked up from someone else, and explained down to the smallest details. Our universe is a 'bubble universe', and these bubbles all consist of energetic oscillating fields, from the outermost field to the very innermost field of this field universe, namely the Higg's field.

Rediscovering the Two Quantum Dimensions, the 5th and the 4th!

Published February 2020!



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This is the compressed English version of the first and very basic model and physics, "The Rediscovery of the Fifth Dimension!"


It is recommended to start with this particular English version if you understand English! Here you mainly only get the very basic universal model, without the very in-depth philosophy and theory that is in the Danish version!


This English version is 184 pages of text! The Danish basic model is 600 pages of explanatory text!