The infinit Quantum universe, back of the book


This is the third book in this very revealing series about the universe. In the previous two books, much of this universe has been revealed, and in detail. This continues in this book also where I reveal the whole gravitational field, where these gravitational fields are located in the universal sky, and what these gravitational fields do to the universal mass, why all these gravitational fields are repulsive on the outside, and strongly unifying on the inside, and why gravitational fields have these two different sides, an outside and an inside, and why in between these two sides,  can arise a temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius, this happens on our planet and in our gravitational field.
All gravitational fields are strongly unifying on the inside, and repulsive on the outside. This also applies to absolutely all atoms and all Higg fields, because they are both classified as gravitational fields, only because gravitational fields are the only type of field that can both create and remove what it has created. This type of field is the only type of field that can create something that becomes 'physical' at the other end. Remember that only atoms are the building blocks of the universe, and they are energy-rich oscillating fields.
There is absolutely nothing in this universe that is only 3 dimensional and only 100% physical, and the particle accelerator decided that in 2016. This universe consists only of energetic oscillating fields, and an absolutely atomless 'matter' that comes out of the Higg's field. But this new physics model was presented to the large audience in October 2014. The first book came out in 2015, and a full year before the particle accelerator's decision. In 2016, physicists found out how the universe is really structured.
 That is, they found out how this universe is NOT screwed up, with these supposedly 100% only physical particles, which only belong in the fairy tale of this big-bang. This alleged big-bang is the biggest lie 'imposed' on the human race over these last 100 years. But here in this new universal physics model, you can learn how this universe was really created by these energetic oscillating fields, and an absolutely total atom-free 'matter', and this becomes the universe that we live in right now.
Frequencies can absolutely be dangerous when they are 'used' without a thought of what comes with these frequencies. The world lives in a 'frequency hell' and this started but Tesla and the radio, and that is now over 120 years ago, and now this whole spectrum is filled with these dangerous frequencies, which are now beating out in stronger storms, more rain when it comes, and these frequencies are now making this world more hot and wet. This must be stopped now, before this goes completely 'crazy', melting absolutely everything we have of the ice sheet and glaciers that we depend on, because they are reserves for fresh water for many thousands, and many thousands again, who do not want to be flooded, by this particular meltwater. Therefore, it is important to be able to understand the right universal physics model, which is now this brand new 5 dimensional holographic quantum physics model. It was proven by scientists and by the particle accelerator, in 2016, and thank you for that.



After more than 40 years of research, we have finally succeeded in presenting a universal model and physics, which on top of it all, was fully proven by the particle accelerator, and by the many deeply 'shocked' researchers down in Cern, in 2016!

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