The particle accelerator has disproved the standardized big-bang!

The particle accelerator has disproved the standardized big-bang model and physics, once and for all!


The truth about the universe is now fully in place, but unfortunately it is not very well known among the wider population, yet!

But before you get too started on this website, listen to this very revealing video! I would now ask you to listen throughout the video presentation to Professor David Tong, at Cambridge University, where he finally concludes that today's standardized science has driven itself to the end of the false blind track they are on, in the world of physics!

This takes about an hour and you get confirmation that the Newtonian big-bang standardized science has been found 100% false and unsolvable! This means that the big-bang is also false and unprovable!

Professor David Tong takes you on a journey through the 150-200-year history of physics, which ends up in a place today that absolutely no scientist in the scientific world would have thought they would experience! The very fact that this big-bang has now been found 100% false, and that even by science itself and the particle accelerator down there in Cern.

Therefore, you must and must watch throughout the video!

Quantum Fields: The real building blocks of the universe - with David Tong:


This is a very revealing, and a very highly informative video presentation, which should definitely be watched all the way to the end, nonstop! It is this whole long journey through the entire history of physics that he takes you on in this video, revealing the result from the particle accelerator, and which says that there are no oscillating physical particles in this universe at all!

There are only energetic holographic oscillating quantum physics fields! But in order to understand this again, you must also understand that there is now only one universal model that still remains and that stands, and that is the 100-year-old Einsteinian 5-dimensional quantum physics model, the one that I have also solved and completed! That's only why this proof, this video presentation, comes up on my website! 

The result from the particle accelerator just proves that my 5-dimensional quantum physics model, which is built only on energetic oscillating fields, plus a quantum physical universal substance, is the only real model with associated physics! This new 5-dimensional quantum physics, just can't be compared to this fake 3-dimensional big-bang model and physics, in any way!

There is a whole universe of difference, in philosophy, in theory, as a model, in structure and in the practice of quantum physics, and not least the way the creation of the entire universe takes place!

The physical side of the universe is created by this quantum physical and 'nonphysical' side! All universal fields  are 'nonphysical' and quantum physical, and are 100% controlled by quantum physics!

All atoms are bipartite, quantum physical, and lie in a 5-dimensional spacetime! Not just in a time, as the big-bang model describes, but in a space-time! Time and space are somehow connected!

It was this result that Einstein also arrived at with his 5-dimensional model, which is now 100 years old. This led to one of Einstein's many new fundamental theories, and this particular one is called, 'The Theory of the United Universal Fields'! We exist in the physical side of the universe, and everything that is physical is created out of this great multiplicity of different universal fields, and the substance!

It is all these fields together that create the universe, and it is some of these fields that create everything that is physical, and that with the help of this very special substance!

It is not the 'matter' itself that makes the world feel physical, but the many quantum physical  'nodes' of energies, which are actually many individual fields, i.e., many fields that are bound and locked in a very specific position, and then it is this matter that can make it visible and detectable! But all this is 100% controlled by quantum physics itself! This means that there are no 100% physical particles in the universe, but only this very special substance that atoms can create through all the Higg’s fields, and which is controlled 100% by quantum physics!

Atoms exist only as these energetic oscillating fields, and all these fields that form all universal atoms can also form a very special substance, which is definitely nonphysical particles, but a very strange substance that can actually come and disappear again! This feat, cannot be done by 100% only physical particles in a big-bang universe, it is 100% controlled by quantum physics, and is created only by all Higg’s fields!

Only a big-bang can create physical particles, and these 100% physical particles are remnants of an alleged explosion! But has there ever been a big-bang?

The claim that there has been a universal big-bang, and that the universe consists of 100% only physical particles, is now 100% rejected by the particle accelerator down there in Cern.

The all-important proof is that at the 'bottom' of absolutely all universal atoms, there exists only one energetic oscillating field, and absolutely no oscillating 'only physical particles'!

The entire universe consists only of these diverse fields, and these crucial oscillating energetic fields that make up atoms are not created by an alleged and energyless big-bang! That's for sure!

A big-bang, or explosion, will only create 100% physical particles, but absolutely none of these alleged physical particles can be detected by the particle accelerator, so we must assume that this big-bang is one of the greatest 'flickers' in physics history!

Because, if mathematicians do the math on this supposed big-bang, the famous 30 milliseconds are missing down to zero every time they try this! So this alleged big-bang just can't be proven mathematically, and it's no wonder when it turns out that the particle accelerator says that there are no physical particles in the universe! There are only oscillating energetic fields in the universe!

This is also the result that Einstein came up with, and which forms the basis of Einstein's 5-dimensional quantum physics model, and I actually also assume that he did not believe in a big-bang either! That has never happened!

My brand new 5-dimensional hologram model, with a fully physical side, is a peer review with the revolutionary 5-dimensional Einsteinian model, and my brand new 5-dimensional model and associated physics, will reveal 99.9% of the universe we live in! This new 5-dimensional quantum physics model contains and describes all these different fields and what they actually perform in this universe!

This new quantum physical 5-dimensional model, which is a hologram model with a fully physical side, a quantum physical side, and a 'nonphysical' side!

All this lies inside this 5-dimensional and very active engine room!

The big-bang model, and the standardized model in physics, claim that they can explain to you the 'measly' 5% of this universe, namely the alleged 100% only physical and big-bang side!

But even that is false, because there are no physical particles in this universe to create this 100% only physical big-bang universe!

This is exactly what has now been proven by the particle accelerator, and by the scientists themselves!

Remember that this big-bang creates itself out of absolute nothing, because there was nothing more present than this alleged singularity! This singularity created itself out of this very ' nothing'!

However, a hologram comes in from somewhere in this 'nothingness', and is 'transferred' from this very place to the new place, our universe, and this place is the universe that our universe is created inside, and  the 'transfer' is the way this physically takes place! Remember that the universal model must be at least 5 dimensional, and it is only the active part of the engine room!

This model does not contain big-bang physics!! Please remember that!!

The completely new and revolutionary thing in this new model and physics is that this mentioned universal matter can come and disappear again! All these oscillating energetic fields that make up the atoms can also produce the strange universal matter that Carl David Anderson demonstrated and proved sometime in the 1930s. What is even stranger in this truly universal quantum physical process is that this substance can be pulled back again by the field that produced the substance, and then what goes by the name of the 'stealth effect' is achieved! This is again supported by the illustrious  'Double Slit Experiment'!

You just need to understand this experiment in just the right way, and with just the right universal physics, which turns out to be the 5-dimensional quantum physics model, with the associated new physics!

This new universal understanding that this stealth effect gives away just can't be achieved with an alleged big-bang model and physics. None of these 100% only physical particles can be made 'invisible' and thus achieve some kind of stealth effect! The stealth effect can only be achieved as a 4-dimensional and 'nonphysical' and quantum physical 'mass', and this 'invisible mass' can then not be detected, not even on  today's high-tech radars! And yes, I'm referring to all UFOs! UFOs have just this amazing stealth property, and that means that this 5-dimensional quantum physics, is familiar in some 'top secret' American projects! This model is in all likelihood known to 'Someone', but in absolute secrecy! This alleged stealth aircraft, just can't become invisible to a state-of-the-art radar, and they know that very well, those who built this advanced stealth aircraft, and they had knowledge of this particular Einsteinian 5-dimensional quantum physics! Why isn't this model and physics 'official and public', when the stealth aircraft can be spotted and shot down?

Where did they get this information from when this 5-dimensional physics is supposed to be totally 'unknown' to the whole world? How can 'Someone' make a stealth plane that can supposedly disappear for a hyper modern radar, now that the particle accelerator says that this big-bang and the stealth aircraft is fake? Only solution will be just this 5-dimensional Einsteinian model and associated physics!

The problem is that no one wants to admit this particular fact! But I can explain how this physics works in from A to Z! Because, I have solved the whole model myself!

This serious realization leads to this big-bang only being seen as a political project, and that only to cover up the right universal physics, the 5-dimensional quantum physics model and physics that Einstein came up with 100 years ago! This is also what history tells us something about, if you look in the right 'track', and not the fake big-bang 'track'!

In all my books, this truer story, when it comes to the right interpreted universal physics, will come to light!

‘Rediscovering the fifth dimension', which is the very basic philosophy, model and physics, and 'The Two Tracks', with two subtitles, 'Wave or Particle' and 'The Two-sided Political Solution', plus the last book, 'The infinite quantum universe', will give you just the right universal solution, and guide you through this entire physical model!  

You should definitely read these three books if you want to know what goes on 'behind the scenes' in this highly political scientific world!

This alleged big-bang has thus never occurred, and that means that the universe must be created in a completely different way than what is assumed with this false big-bang!

This revelation happened at the very end of 2016, and it is now 6 years ago at the time of writing, but how many people on the planet know about this new and revolutionary result from the particle accelerator, today and right now? You can kind of tell from the number of views the video has had since it was published in February 2017!

What is the big revolutionary change is that there has not been a big-bang and that the universe is not 100% only physically anymore! The universe is and will remain only a 'nonphysical' and quantum physical universe, with an associated physical and visible side, and this physical and visible side, is precisely created by this 'nonphysical' and quantum physical side, and is only created by oscillating energy-rich fields!

This is the new pervasive thought behind this universe, which consists only of controlling energy-rich oscillating fields, and a 'substance'!

But in order to understand this again, in depth, the very creation of the universe must take place in a completely different way! It is precisely this completely different and unknown way of creation that my brand new 5-dimensional quantum physics philosophy, theory, model and physics will hopefully tell you all about.

At least my first book, ‘Rediscovering the fifth dimension’, will explain all about that!

I myself, now after over 40 years of research into this 'unknown' and paranormal, could not find a single fluff of what is called a big-bang model or the associated false physics, in this just right holographic and quantum physical 5-dimensional model! Absolutely nothing!!

This is only due to the phenomenon that we are talking about two completely different universal theories in the active universal engine room. So we're talking about the fact that the only real model and physics must contain either 3 or 5 active dimensions!? This 3-dimensional model and physics is exactly the one that has now been found 100% false by the particle accelerator! The standardized universal big-bang model is a 3-dimensional universal model, and it is this only 3-dimensional model that has now been found false by the particle accelerator! Understand that!

This new 5-dimensional quantum physics model will explain to you 99.9% of this universe that we live in, and not just the 'measly' about 5% that science claims they can explain to you, with a false big-bang as the start of it all! It is this 3-dimensional big-bang model that has now been found 100% false, by the particle accelerator!

You must also understand that the researchers who were part of this long project down in Cern are now suffering from what Professor David Tong says they are suffering from, namely a very powerful 'shell shock'!

Now, after 95 years, it is finally 100% proven that this alleged big-bang is and remains untrue and false! This was a bombshell, so big that nothing more has come out about this than this video presentation that Professor David Tong delivers here! None of this has come out via the press, and isn't it quite so strange?

It is precisely this alleged and now proven false big-bang, which will never be proven, but which still and even after this revelation that the particle accelerator has now made, is the only model and physics that it is taught!? How long will it be before science speaks out and says things as they are, that they know nothing about the universe itself?

All they know is what's going on locally on this planet! This is the part of physics that I call laboratory physics! Virtually all the knowledge they have about the universe can be obtained in a laboratory, and that's just not good enough! It doesn't describe the real universe, but it might describe the big-bang universe! The conclusion is that they actually know nothing about the vast universe!

Everything that until now has been presented as alleged big-bang evidence, calculations, claims, errant erroneous thoughts and ideas can now be thrown in the trash!

All this is now falling flat, precisely because of this crucial evidence from the particle accelerator and what Professor David Tong has to say to you if you really are listening.

If you don't understand this the first time, listen to it one more time! Could this be the reason why they have now fallen silent about this particular revolutionary discovery?

Now think carefully about this! This big-bang was proven false over 6 years ago, in 2016, but still it is only this fake big-bang that you will find presented everywhere in all the purported scientific pages of today's media! That's the only thing these 'media studies preachers' can write and talk about! You will find absolutely nothing in today's press about this big-bang now being found 100% fake, and that even by the particle accelerator! So you really wonder why this isn't published? Could this just be because they can't understand what's really happened down there in Cern?

Do they believe that all sorts of other new equipment will be able to 'conjure' these supposedly only physical particles back again? They so want this very fake big-bang back because it was the only nonsense and lie they could understand! They just can't believe how the universe is put together!

The press followed absolutely everything that was going on down there in Cern a few years ago, and it was even very close and very intense! But when the big-bang 'bomb' exploded, and that the press found out that this big-bang was now 100% fake, and that it was also proven by the particle accelerator itself, they were also gripped by this famous  'grenade shock' that science has been hit by!

Thus, it is now closed off from absolutely everything of information, about this particular result in from the particle accelerator, and it is simply just not good enough!

We should be able to expect a better direction from the press that must and should write about the truth, something that is clearly not happening in this case!

What kind of underlying universal physics governs all these fields, and how this happens, they just don't know anything about!

This is also what this video from Professor David Tong so clearly proves! This is the new scientific and absolute evidence!

But this big-bang model and physics has now become a 'political hot potato', and it was to be used as a counterweight to Einstein's fully proven 5-dimensional quantum physics model!

As mentioned, this has succeeded right up until now, but the results from the particle accelerator will hopefully put a total stop to this! But the big-bang model is political, and that is the proof! This now 'political' big-bang model should also lay the foundation for all the world's oligarchs to make more money than what is publicly known in the official public known financial picture of all the world's banks! This has been going on for well over 100 years now! Fraud and deception and a lot of money in tax havens!

Therefore, there is only a false and political big-bang to be explained in the mainstream media, and it just cannot be stopped, and the reason is that this big-bang is and remains 'a hot political potato'!

The result of this 'hot potato', or following this political big-bang model, has led to the planet suffocating in particles from coal, gas and oil, leading to catastrophic global warming and very unstable weather! All this thanks to greed, to these very greedy fascist oligarchs!

Unfortunately, this is going to get worse and worse for many years to come, and eventually humanity risks exterminating itself, just because of greed and a fake political big-bang model and physics! The oligarchs know very well that this is the case! But do you know that this is the case? That's more the right question to ask right now at this point!

Of course, there is great political prestige in this, because if the oligarchs really wanted humanity to know this and understand this new coming in from the particle accelerator, then the mainstream media had explained this on television long ago, and in prime time, that now the universe is completely different from what it was previously perceived to be, with a fake big-bangsk model and physics!

But this is as I describe it, and this is part of this over 40 years long research into this particular 5-dimensional model! You will probably discover this by further exploring this particular website!

More about this new and just right universal model and associated physics, you can find here on this website, and in all my books! These books reveal this whole political game, and the whole history of real 5-dimensional universal physics!

But all these books also describe this whole correctly interpreted 5-dimensional quantum physics, in detail and in from A to Z, and which is actually the very basic driving force in this 5-dimensional and very active universal engine room!

The driving force in the universe also emanates via all universal atoms, and in this process a strange substance is 'secreted', and in absolutely all atoms that this substance is found in, can now be detected!

But what is the whole new universal reality of this understanding picture is that the exact same atoms can pull this special substance back again, and then this 'mass' just cannot be detected anymore, even on a hyper modern radar! As mentioned, this is the basis for Stealth physics and stealth technology! Therefore, this stealth aircraft cannot 'disappear' from the radar!!

This strange universal matter is the 'divide' between the 'nonphysical' quantum physical side of the universe and this  'physical' side that we live in!

This substance is 100% atom-free! That is, there are no atoms in this substance, but just absolutely all detectable atoms in this universe, contain this very special substance!

This universal matter is not any kind of 'physical particles', nor can it be considered to be 'physical' particles, as it is not this matter that makes the universe 'physically' hard or mysterious! It is the many oscillating fields that make the universe feel hard or soft, and is 'physical'! This substance only makes these quantum physical fields visible and detectable for us, as the visible and observable mass, and for the frequencies with which we can see and perceive the surroundings!

The frequencies of the star's emitted light are far too high for us to see this light directly! The star's light itself is 100% 4-dimensional and quantum physical and just cannot be seen, discovered or detected!

The light of the star can only be perceived by us when that light makes up something that is made up of something that contains this strange substance, that is, something that is ‘physical’!

That is how this starlight should and must be perceived! That's the 5-dimensional quantum physics model's explanation for this!

In simple terms, we can say that this matter is the dividing line between what is physical and detectable, and the remaining universe, which is 4 and 5 dimensional, and which is holographic, 'nonphysical' and quantum physical!

This very special substance is 'nonphysical', holographic, quantum physical and invisible by nature, and can on command from the atom, be 'nonphysical' both in nature and character! But it is only this 'substance' that can be detected today! Quantum physics itself is 'nonphysical', and thus undetectable in itself, so it is only this amazing substance that is the dividing between the remaining unknown paranormal side, and this physical and visible and detectable side that we live in!

This substance is what the Higg's field stands for, but the Higg's field cannot perform anything like that without a command from the gravitational field itself!

My brand new 5-dimensional quantum physics model, with the 4-dimensional quantum physical atom, is thus 100% confirmed by the particle accelerator down in Cern!

So this revealing video is just confirmation of just that! That's only why I'm taking 'a single positive message', in from this very fake and deeply political big-bang world, on this website!

Namely, the realization from science itself that they are wrong about this alleged big-bang, and an alleged 100% only physical universe!

Now it remains to read through the rest of this exciting and very revealing website!

If that's not enough, there are now three very revealing books that will give you answers to all the universal questions you may have, and the fourth is on the way!

Welcome to the correctly interpreted 5-dimensional quantum physical universe, and to the 'new' universal atoms, which are only energetic oscillating fields, without physical particles! But we have the Higg's fields, which lie inside absolutely all detectable atoms, and the Higg's fields can 'disappear' with the substance!

It is quantum physics itself that makes the universe physical, and the 'matter' that makes it visible and detectable! Without this substance, nothing can be detected, even if it is 'physical', i.e., quantum physical!

This offers extremely many possibilities for a very advanced technology, sometime in the future, based precisely on this fully proven quantum physical 5-dimensional model and associated advanced physics!


So welcome to the correctly interpreted universe, the 5-dimensional quantum physical universe!

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