The Two tracks


The biggest 'shock' ever, recorded in recent times, must surely be the shock that the researchers received, down there in Cern, during 2016! They actually discovered the universe as it really appears, totally without physical particles, and without an alleged big-bang!! They discovered that they just couldn't provide any kind of evidence for any of these alleged 100% physical particles that were supposed to build up this 'physical' big-bang universe! Thus, the entire big-bang universe ended up in the trash, precisely because of all this lack of evidence! Yes, it was probably the biggest shock a physicist can get, especially if this physicist was 100% sure beforehand that the big-bang universe was the only correctly interpreted universe! But it wasn't!! What they discovered was a universe consisting only of energetic oscillating fields, and a most strange matter coming in from the Higg's fields! This substance is not to be compared with 100% physical particles, because 100% physical particles cannot suddenly disappear from a high-tech radar, and become 'invisible' and impossible to detect!

But it can all mass that contains only this quantum physical substance, and it reveals the Stealth technology, and not least the Stealth plane itself, and the advanced Alien-like physics that lies behind, namely the 5 dimensional quantum physics! This 5 dimensional quantum physics, was already fully proven and balanced in 2013, and was inscribed in book form, and published in 2015! The model was then proven, by all these scientists who worked down there in Cern, and by the particle accelerator itself! The Einsteinian extended theory of relativity, the 5 dimensional model, was also proven, in 2016! This 5 dimensional quantum physics model has thus been proven by the particle accelerator, and by the results that came in from all the researchers, and not least the results that came in from the particle accelerator!

This should convince you to read this particular book, the second in this revealing series on the quantum universe, and thus be fully 'updated' and 'upgraded', to the only real universal model, the hologram model, and the associated proven 5 dimensional quantum physics! Read also the very first and very basic model!

The first book is called 'The Rediscovery of the Fifth Dimension'! The active universal engine room consists of 5 very active dimensions, and not just 3 active dimensions, as in the big-bang model! There is actually a very big difference in the interpretation of the universe if it contains only 3 active dimensions, or it contains as many as 5 very active dimensions! It's better to 'add' a few dimensions to the fake big-bang model, hoping to reveal the universe as it really appears! Once things have gone wrong with the previous big-bang model, it will really go wrong if it happens! They just can't figure it out!

The whole big-bang model, physics and all kinds of claims and false calculations, is straight to the trash!

The only fully balanced and fully proven universal model and physics, you only get in my books, and you should definitely read them if you want to know how this universe was created and how it works in its entirety! Only this fully balanced and fully proven 5 dimensional quantum physics model can answer that! There are only two possible creation scenarios, the atheistic, or the 'divine'! Without 'help', or 'with help'!!

The atheistic universe is the big-bang universe, and it is created out of absolutely nothing, and it is a total physical impossibility in itself, and of course can never be proven in any way without 'tinkering' with the result!

Something must be behind the creation itself, and it 'proves' that there is a creative force in the universal oscillating fields that the entire universe is demonstrably made up of! It says the result in from the particle accelerator!! Here you will be explained the right creation, which is not a big-bang universe, but a creation of energetic oscillating fields that lie inside each other, and they rotate and thus create amounts of quantum physical energies!

You will be explained how universal gravity creates the entire universe that we can see, discover and detect! This is done via gravitational fields! You will know how the big inflation happens, and it happens with the help of the new universal expansion law! Yes, you read that right! A brand new universal quantum physical expansion law! This brand new law of expansion also explains all about the great universal inflation, how quantum physical atoms and Higg's fields are created, which form moons, planets and stars etc.! Remember that absolutely everything in this perceived 'visible' universe consists only of energetic oscillating fields, and the 'matter' in from all of Higg's fields! This is now fully proven!!


After more than 40 years of research, we have finally succeeded in presenting a universal model and physics, which on top of it all, was fully proven by the particle accelerator, and by the many 'shocked' researchers down in Cern, in 2016!

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