Welcome to the correctly interpreted quantum physical universe!

Welcome to the correctly interpreted quantum physical universe!


Let's start with all the important factual facts and the scientific and mathematical proofs that already exist, so that we get the right universal 'physics' in place where it should be!

There can only be one correct interpretation of the right universal physics!

Next, we will enter the two very different tracks of interpreted universal physics. The big-bang track, and the quantum physical 5-dimensional track.

The two types of universal physics are like night and day. One is a lie, and the other can be proven mathematically.

You cannot use a big-bang model to try to balance and 'disprove' a proven 5-dimensional quantum physics model.

We can compare this to a random citizen, who only knows his own language, reading everything in a Chinese or Arabic newspaper. How big chance does he have to understand what is written?

If one cannot understand 'foreign' or the correct and fully proven 5-dimensional quantum physics, then it better not be interpreted or revealed by a 'non-existent' big-bang, and a wrong big-bang interpreted universal understanding picture. That goes without saying.

We can start by taking a closer look at the only real universal model, the 5-dimensional quantum physical model. Einstein's extended theory of relativity claims that there are as many as 5 coordinates, or dimensions, in the active universal engine room. Einstein's 5-dimensional theory is also 100% mathematically balanced and is 100% mathematically proven. Even the conclusive evidence about what the gravitational field does to the rays of light during the solar eclipse is also fully proven.

The gravitational field bends the light, and this again proves the gravitational field itself, which lies around all major celestial bodies, such as the moon and that which is larger in the universe.

In addition, Einstein has also proved the gravitational field using the two famous atomic clocks. This proof with the two atomic clocks should not only prove the gravitational field itself, but also what the gravitational field expose absolutely all universal atoms to, on the inside of the gravitational field. Compression and expansion!

These are called 4-dimensional gravitational compressive forces, and the expansion in the universe lies in the 7th dimension, and it cannot be interpreted correctly with a big-bang philosophy, theory, model or physics!

All universal atoms are continuously exposed to both of these two universal forces! Compression and expansion!

Einstein's 5-dimensional universal model is thus fully balanced and proven mathematically. This led to the historical Einsteinian physics revolution, and this 5-dimensional universal model also provided the foundation for the subsequent quantum theory and the advanced quantum physics that emerges from this fully proven 5-dimensional model.

These facts are also written about in the history books.

So only this 5-dimensional universal model today is fully and 100% mathematically proven!

Thus, it can also be established that the correct interpretation of quantum physics comes out of these two 'extra' dimensions in the universal understanding picture, which in turn comes out of the fully proven 5-dimensional model. These two quantum physical dimensions are what in the professional physicist world are called nonphysical dimensions. That is, they cannot be seen, discovered or detected and are on an 'equal footing' with all the universal laws. The 5-dimensional model also says that the universe must expand, something that today is 100% confirmed. But that expansion is not as 'fast' as a big-bang expansion should be. The universal expansion is far too 'slow' compared to a 'real' big-bang expansion. But the expansion is actually large, and the explanation for that expansion lies in this quantum physics universal explanation. The universal 5-dimensional model mirrors the universe as it really appears!

All the universal laws are executed and done by quantum physics, and this makes the decisive and final outcome of the physical side of our world. It is quantum physics that creates the entire universe as we know it, and this completely without an alleged big-bang. Creation takes place according to the quantum physical creation model, and all the atoms of the universe are also created in the quantum physical way.

This leads to the fact that all physical mass, and thus absolutely all atoms of the universe, are at least 4 dimensional, and lie in a 5-dimensional spacetime. This is what quantum physics philosophy, model, theory and 5-dimensional physics itself decides. This  'physical' universe has only one real form of universal physics, and that is the active 5-dimensional quantum physics model.

Einstein's model also claims that the universe must expand, something that it absolutely does, and it is fully provable today!

You will not find any physical mass in the universe that is only 3-dimensional and is only 100% physical! That kind of atoms, big-bang atoms, don't exist in this universe!

Any form of creation must at all times follow the energy level inside the 'engine room'. So, a universal big-bang cannot happen because of a huge energy shortage!

It is also only within these 5 active dimensions, in the active universal engine room, that everything of executive physics unfolds. The physics is quantum physical and is performed by the 4th and 5th dimensions.

The only form of energy that can obviously be created by the physical side corresponds to the famous theorem in Einstein's very first theory of relativity. Most physicists are very attached to it, but clearly do not understand the Einsteinian thoughts quite correctly with E=Mc2! This is what is popularly called 'collision energies', and it is not the same as universal energies! Please remember that!!!

It is the total quantum physical universal energies that drive the work, and it can end up in collisions between celestial bodies. After all, it is not a 'forbidden' physical act for something to collide!

But without this quantum physical influence, the universe will be 100% static and everything will stand 100% still! In other words, it is the two nonphysical and quantum physical dimensions that make the universe move and that we live at all. It says Einstein's extended theory of relativity, and it is also confirmed 100% by my new 5-dimensional model.

A completely new interpretation of Einstein's E=Mc2 says that this means that energies = mass times the speed of light in second power!

That is, the speed of light is not the fastest in the universe! The fastest speed will make the light look like a snail, compared  to the 'light'!

So, in this 4-dimensional quantum physics side, things happen promptly, or all at once, regardless of distance! This is more like what Einstein really meant by that equation! E=Mc2!

Over 40 years ago, I was personally convinced that there could never have been a universal big-bang. The reason was simple, that a 100% only physical universe cannot create itself out of 'nothing'! But if this 'nothing' is the nonphysical quantum physical side, then a universe can be created, but without a big-bang!! This is not the quantum physical way to 'create' a universe!

In addition, a big-bang that is supposed to create about ½ billion galaxies requires so much energy that it is in no way irrefutable!

This, in turn, indicates that the universe is several times older than the roughly 13.8 billion years of the big-bang model. It is perhaps everything that is of mass in our solar system that may be of the 'young' age. The universe may actually be so 'old' since the very first start that it may actually be somewhere between 50–75 billion years since it all started.

Since then, the universe has grown and expanded, in volume and mass, and from the very small to what we can observe today, about ½ billion galaxies.

It takes time to build up the entire quantum physical universe we live in, you just have to understand the quantum physical model and universe just right, and you have to understand quantum physics just right, because then the universal understanding picture matches 100% with the real universe we live in.

We can continue with this alleged big-bang model that 'everyone' is forced to follow. This universal big-bang cannot be balanced or proven mathematically.

A big-bang scenario cannot be proven mathematically without 'tinkering'. This big-bang has been figured out at least a two-digit number of times! Every single time, they end up missing the all-important 30 milliseconds down to the 0 point. These are the most important 30 milliseconds, and they remain to be proven! That's why it never said 'BANG'!

That is, the universe can by no means be only 100%, only 3-dimensional and only 100% physical, both in nature and character.

To put it bluntly, a big-bang universe is actually 'a totally physically impossible to create' universe. It is and remains a 100% physical impossibility!

Thus, this alleged big-bang scenario is actually a 100% total physical impossibility, also mathematically. This alleged big-bang scenario can rather not be adequately explained philosophically, and no workable model can be made at all! Logically, this is an absolute and total physical impossibility. A 100% only physical universe cannot create itself out of absolutely nothing!! Nothing existed more than the alleged singular point, which is also claimed to be the size of the pointed end of a pin, but whatcreated the singular point?

Where did the energies come from? Out of absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing comes. Everything has to come from 'somewhere', even if 'that place' is something that is 'not physical' both in nature and character.

This tiny singular point has reportedly become what is currently observable in the universe, approximately ½ billion galaxies. A very similar creation picture would be that a small bacterium should 'poop' out a million billion blue whales, at 100 tons apiece. If you believe that a big-bang is a possibility, then you must also believe that the bacterium can do the totally physically impossible.

The two creation scenarios are completely similar in the physical picture of understanding. Out of 'nothing', an incomprehensible amount comes out of this 'nothing'.

The big-bang universe has also become the universe of constants, where almost everything must be 100% constant, i.e., according to the big-bang model and natural science.

How can a 'constant' universe like the big-bang universe expand in the way the universe expands? This strong and 'constant' universal interpretation is the reason why astrophysicists and physicists cannot figure out how stars form. Forget about a fake and introduced big-bang model. It just cannot be proven in any way!

In other words, no person, mathematical calculation or anything else can defend this big-bang model! The reason is that it has actually been 'politically' introduced, and all twice. The last time when man was going to the moon. Then the big-bang model was also introduced into the official public media and into everything of education. Before humans went to the moon, there were two parallel universal models, the big-bang and the 5-dimensional quantum physics model. This introduction of the big-bang model was a deliberate and strategic political act, with a strong economic backing for lying incentives. It can be seen all over the world today!

There are no 'formulas' that can make a politically imposed universal model come true. Not at any level. It is and remains a total physical impossibility to try to prove a big-bang, but all of the teaching today is done according to a big-bang model!? Understand it the one who can!? Today they call it science, but science is built up from a big-bang model, and still blindly follows a big-bang model and the standardized model in one and all, and adamantly defends that all the atoms of the universe were created by this alleged big-bang, which cannot be proven either mathematically, philosophically or logically.

But a fully proven wrong universal big-bang model must be taught. Why?

The big-bang model claims that all atoms in the big-bang universe are only 3-dimensional and are only 100% physical, both in nature and character. No more atoms can be created, and the atoms that are present cannot break. Here the big-bang atoms are described. You can read more about big-bang atoms further down on this website. The big-bang model contains only 4 coordinates or dimensions, and this is definitely one dimension too little. The big-bang model just contains lies from a to z, and it will soon be 100 years old. The big-bang model should be scrapped as soon as possible!!

It is  'delusion' of the worst nature, and this is what it is taught today?? But one thing is 100% certain, and that is that you cannot just 'add' a dimension to the big-bang interpretation, and then things must be fine. That result will be even worse than what the big-bang model postulates today, and then it goes really seriously wrong.

It is basically strange that these alleged big-bang atoms can contain and retain the very important internal energies without running out of these energies for more than the claimed well over 13 billion years. These energies must be there all the time without the energies disappearing! This is very important! Because if these inner energies disappear, then absolutely everything is dissolved by physical mass!! It is only these internal energies that make it possible to get a physical mass out of all the universal atoms in general.

So where does this inexhaustible energy come from? You from the core, does science answer!? But can this nuclear energy provide this very important energy for ever without running out of this internal nuclear energy? Clearly this does not affect the atom itself or the nucleus or mass of the atom!? What kind of Perpetual Motion Plus atom have they interpreted the big-bang atom to be?

A Perpetual Motion Plus model of a universal atom cannot take place in a big-bang interpreted universe, yet all big-bang atoms represent this assertive perpetual motion plus universe.

After all, it's 'eternal' energy! That's the impossible picture of understanding the big-bang! Where does this supposedly everlasting energy come from?

After all, this energy cannot come from the nucleus of the big-bang atom without affecting the nucleus itself!

A Perpetual Motion Plus atom is represented by the 4-dimensional quantum physical atom!! That's what the quantum physics model says! The energies for the quantum physical atom come from the nonphysical and 4-dimensional side of the quantum physical atom! This energy is 'transferred' to the physical side of the atom's two-part and nonphysical twin nucleus.

The big-bang model remains the paradox of paradoxes, and it is politically imposed. Absolutely everything suggests that! Nothing of this alleged big-bang model can ever be proven. No worldly ‘substances’!!

Therefore, my advice, scrap the big-bang model and move forward in the right universal model, the fully balanced and fully proven 5-dimensional quantum physical model. It should be taught in physics all over the world!

So welcome to the active 5-dimensional quantum physical universal engine room.

The only real universal understanding that can actually be proven fully philosophically, proven as a correct model, and proven as a fully provable theory and physics, and all of it can be proven from a to z!!

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