What is it that warms up our atmosphere?

What is it that warms up our atmosphere?


Wouldn't it be amazing if we knew exactly what is behind global warming? But we do, and I'll come back to that in a moment!! First, I would like to remind you of the particle accelerator's verdict, which came in 2016, which states that this universe contains absolutely no forms for these alleged 3-dimensional and 100% only physical particles, and thus the recently revealed false big-bang and scientific philosophy, theory and physics model, is totally out of the picture!!! This universe is no longer only 3-dimensional and 100% only physical, lying in a 4-dimensional time. This universe is now as it always has been, fully 7 dimensional, holographic, and is powered by a very active 5-dimensional quantum physics, in the very active 5-dimensional universal engine room. It was precisely this picture that the particle accelerator described in its verdict on the universe, and so we must follow that evidence!

Science has been wrong for about 100 years now, and now this must be corrected in order to understand the universe as it appears. There is absolutely nothing in this universe that is only 3-dimensional and only 100% physical!! The particle accelerator itself has decided this, once and for all, and so we must follow this completely new evidence. This has already been done a long time ago, in 2012, and the result of this active 5-dimensional holographic quantum physics model found in this paper will reveal this 'local universal warming problem' to anyone reading this document.

The fact that everything looks 3-dimensional comes out of the holographic and geometric law of a sphere or a round object, which says that absolutely everything that is inside a round object, like in a sphere or in a round celestial body, we always get the look ‘3 dimensional’, even if absolutely everything that is inside, is fully 4 dimensional, lying in a 5-dimensional space-time! This only applies to the 'substance' because it is only this 'substance' we can see, observe and detect. The entire remaining universe is totally invisible to us humans.

Here comes a completely new input to the climate debate, something that follows the right universal model of physics, the one that Einstein came up with called, The Extended Theory of Relativity. This over 100-year-old Einsteinian theory of relativity describes an active 5-dimensional universal quantum physics hologram model operating in the active 5-dimensional engine room. This actually happens in a 7-dimensional universe where only 5 of these dimensions are the active dimensions. But remember that this active 5-dimensional physics model is the basis for everything that can be called stealth technology!

But the most important thing now is to lower the world temperature itself, which is now in a dramatic development upwards, and the drought index globally is now on the way to becoming catastrophically far too high, with drought in the United States, drought in Europe, drought in India, drought in Africa, and where else, and what is the reason for all this? Man-made wireless frequencies?! This document will explain to you why we have this unexplained heat generation in our atmosphere.

What's next is something that's really complicated and deeply serious, so at least try to understand this!

125 years ago, before 1896, this world had not experienced man-made wireless frequencies, but then Tesla and radio came, and now the age of man-made wireless frequencies began. This phenomenon, called man-made wireless frequencies, seems to many people today as if it were absolutely nothing of 'importance'!! But all these man-made wireless frequencies are not as innocent as they are manufactured today! I bring this up because, absolutely everything in this entire universe, is made up only of holographic quantum physical wireless energy-rich oscillating fields, and absolutely everything of quantum physical and holographic energies in this universe, runs on, Natural Wireless Frequencies. Almost like what came out of Tesla's radio. But it is all these man-made wireless frequencies that create this 'disharmony' that is now occurring in our atmosphere, causing this global warming that no physicist understands why. They believe that this has something to do with greenhouse gases, and it actually has in a way, but it is not all these greenhouse gases that drive the heat development upwards, they just help with more molecules, or mass in the atmosphere, but it is precisely these man-made wireless frequencies that 'vibrate' all these climate gases, well and thoroughly. Hence the heat of friction. This issue has just not been discussed thoroughly enough in the press and on radio.

Later came television, satellites, all mobile phones and the GPS system. All this, like the internet and more, runs today on all these man-made wireless frequencies, and this has a very serious effect on our atmosphere, it leads to inductive 'frictional heat'! All these introduced or applied man-made wireless frequencies now superimpose themselves on these completely natural wireless frequencies, which were there from the universal creation of, multiplying and amplifying them, and all these man-made wireless frequencies are now going to heat up our world inductively, with this heat of friction. The entire frequency curve from the radio up to the mobile phones is now ‘taken’, and the only way forward is ever higher man-made wireless frequencies, without a single thought of how our real natural holographic and quantum physical completely Natural Wireless World will react to this! Now remember that we live in an absolute and total holographic natural wireless universe, and not in a 100% only physical world.

We have now updated the mobile phones in from 1G and further up to 4G, and now this is updated to 5G, and they are already planning the 6G network, something that will be even faster, and even more dangerous, and even hotter!! But can our atmosphere withstand the higher frequency attacks that all these higher man-made wireless frequencies consist of?

The answer is a regular no, and it is now time to understand that it is all these higher man-made wireless frequencies that create this unwanted heat of friction in the atmosphere. The atmosphere can't tolerate this because, our atmosphere is no thicker than the shell of a big apple, and within this very ultrathin atmosphere, all these newer applied man-made wireless frequencies are now going to heat up our very ultrathin atmosphere inductively, with this frictional heat?

Try to understand this, this whole very active 5-dimensional universal engine room, consists only of energetic oscillating fields that only run on many different completely natural wireless frequencies, and now you amplify some of these different natural frequencies by introducing man-made wireless frequencies on top of this!? This is the road to disaster, and humanity has been lured by this false scientific 3-dimensional political big-bang physics model for over 90 years, and the particle accelerator has finally established this once and for all, in late 2016, and thank you for that! Then we can bury the 100% only physical big-bang universe once and for all!

Also, try to concentrate on the universe as it now appears, and concentrate on the universe's completely natural wireless frequencies, because this entire universe consists only of holographic oscillating energetic fields, and a holographic 'substance', and all this is driven only by these natural quantum physical wireless frequencies, because there are no cables in the universe. This shows the way to the right universal quantum physics, namely the holographic universe, which in total consists of 7 dimensions, and 5 of them is this very active universal engine room, and all this only works via all these many different natural wireless frequencies.

Now if you can imagine a horizontal line, and that below this line, we find the visible universe, and above this line, we find the invisible holographic universe, where nothing can be seen, observed or detected. Now that the 3-dimensional and 100% only physical world is found untrue and false, then we can remove absolutely everything from this so called 3-dimensional physical dimension. But notice that absolutely nothing exists in this so-called 3rd dimension now, absolutely nothing, and it is precisely here that I suspect that scientists from the natural sciences want these alleged particles to just be replaced with these newly proven energy-rich oscillating fields, and then absolutely everything is as it was before?!? But there just isn't anything that is 100% only physical, in this 3rd and 100% only physical dimension. This dimension is now completely 'empty', which means that we begin in the 4th dimension, and go beyond. But it is in this that this 4-dimensional and holographic 'substance' comes down below this visible barrier, the line, and becomes visible. It becomes '3 dimensional' in appearance, but is 100% only 4 dimensional, holographic and quantum physical, lying in a 5-dimensional spacetime. But absolutely everything that is visible in this universe is only 'matter', and it is fully 4 dimensional, lying in a 5-dimensional spacetime.

The fact that something looks 3-dimensional is only due to the universal geometric law, which states that in any round object, such as in a round celestial body or in a round atom, will always look 3 dimensional, because this is inside a sphere or a round object! But absolutely everything you see, observe or detect is only this 'matter' which is and will be 4 dimensional, lying in a 5-dimensional spacetime. It is only the 'matter', which is the only thing we can see, observe or detect, and which comes out of all the Higg's fields, under this line and into the visible and so called 3-dimensional world. But the 'substance' is and will be 100% only 4 dimensional, lying in a 5-dimensional spacetime. The fact that everything looks 3-dimensional only, comes out of the Higg's field's 'matter', which creates our entire visible world, and this 'matter' has always been interpreted by science as being 100% only physical, something it just isn't, it's actually 100% only holographic, and that means absolutely anything but being 100% only physical!

But this frictional heat comes from the fact that our universe, and these man-made wireless frequencies, create precisely this conflict that arises when you 'unknowingly' introduce something as harmful as these man-made wireless frequencies. The most dangerous are also the very highest, and that is mobile phones, but this is dangerous right down to radio and television, and we can do the two together with the Internet because they can theoretically be buried in cable, something that has already been done to a greater or lesser extent. But the rest has to go, because, all this just can't be dug into cable ever, and that's all Satellites, GPS system and absolutely all Mobile Phones!!!

The connection between your mobile phone and the transmission network is also done with man-made wireless frequencies, and you never turn off your mobile phone!? Well, only to restart it again. But are you aware that there are approximately 4½-5 billion mobile phones that are also never turned off? Add that to the entire GPS system and all working satellites and you're going to get a shock!! All these 4-dimensional man-made wireless frequencies combined are now 'charging' our ultrathin atmosphere with 4-dimensional quantum physical energies, and this leads to disaster! This surplus energy of all these 4-dimensional man-made wireless energies that are now in the atmosphere amplifies all weather phenomena, such as heat, drought, storms and rainstorms, and the higher these frequencies become, the more violent the result of this will be, and the faster it goes, and the more damage it does to the planet's biodiversity, something that also includes us humans! Just think how many different biological species have been lost over the last 100 years! This seems like we are in a weak micro-wave furnace. The effect of this microwave furnace is relatively small on the object receiving this frequency, the biological universe, but the effect is there and that is also the main problem. But this effect is steadily increasing and what is the reason for it? This brings us to the next problem, what about all the ice sheets and glaciers, because they are also melting ever faster, and what happens to them? Should we finally be able to do something to stop this 'unknown' harmful development that is happening to our glaciers and all the ice sheet?

Think of a cold store in which there is 40 degrees of frost, and inside this cold store we find a powerful micro-corrugated oven with an ice block in it, which also holds 40 degrees frost. Then we start up the microwave, and what is happening? Well, the ice block starts to thaw very gently, and this in a cold store in which there is 40 degrees of frost?? This explains to us that this is the cause of all the melting of ice sheets and glaciers, and this is precisely due to all these dangerous man-made wireless frequencies, which work in much the same way as in a microwave furnace, here within the Earth's own gravitational field.

Think about this for a moment and let it sink in, and maybe you can come to understand this too!!!

The 'micro-wave effect' is always present in a celestial body that is not in ((((balance)))) with itself, and all these man-made wireless frequencies unbalance this delicate balance, and therefore we now have an involuntary warming of the atmosphere. This just needs to penetrate you, and all the others, and be understood in just the right way, in the way of the active 5-dimensional holographic and quantum physics model.

Just follow the world temperature, it doesn't rise much until we get to the late 1970s. This is the load of radio and television! In the 80s and further upwards, there are an incredible number of satellites, something that there are still incredibly many of, and they started on the GPS system, something that they have not yet finished with, and in the 90s also came the mobile phone, the most dangerous of them all, and now the mobile phones have gone from 1G and up to 5G, and of the last 25 years, then there have been the 15 warmest ever posted?!? And now they will introduce the 6G network?? After all, this is the purest frequency madness! This doesn't seem very 'clever', it seems more like there's not a really universal physics involved, but only the big guesses.

But can't you even perceive that it is all these higher man-made wireless frequencies that are the main problem here? These man-made higher wireless frequencies create the heat of friction in our atmosphere, and no one reacts to this?!? What is really happening here? Are physicists still using the wrong physics model? It works like this. But what is the main problem here? This comes from all atmospheric molecules rubbing up against each other, at the very frequency that these man-made wireless frequencies send out, 3-5 billion hertz. This is now happening in the 'billion-dollar class', and these man-made wireless frequencies are now sent out as these man-made wireless frequencies, which you can decode via your phone, tablet or computer. All this, and more, is powered only by these man-made wireless frequencies, which send out frequencies in billions of hertz, and it is precisely this that leads to this man-made extra heating that is now the big problem. It is very important that the audience becomes aware of this totally invisible 'sinner'. So these man-made wireless frequencies are not as innocent as they are manufactured today.

The mobile phone is the very worst of all these devices, with the highest man-made wireless frequency, and it is also the very worst to be able to remove again! Humanity has become totally dependent on this 'amazing and highly developed spy tool', the mobile phone. The same can be said of the GPS system for all navigation, and how can we do without satellites?!? But, it's just to bite the teeth together, because that's what we must do, in order to even lower the world temperature again!! Can you understand this?!? This is the absolute only way forward! But if you absolutely want a warmer world, then you can get that too, just keep going with these upward man-made wireless frequencies, then it all gets much hotter, many species die out, and eventually we humans are also threatened by these higher man-made wireless frequencies.

These man-made wireless frequencies act like a weak microwave furnace, here within our own terrestrial gravitational field. This heat output is relatively small, but the consequences are a faster warming of the atmosphere! This also leads to harsher and wilder storms, and a general temperature increase that far exceeds the climate normal set up today. We are getting more in the track that says 4-6 degrees before we reach 2050, and that includes the 6G network, Co2, methane emissions and other climate gases. All these 'greenhouse gases' have been taken into account, and they also help raise the world temperature, but here as the active molecules that create this heat of friction, precisely because of these higher man-made wireless frequencies that vibrate all these molecules. The more molecules there are in the atmosphere, and here I am thinking of all these 'greenhouse gases', the more it is hit by these higher man-made wireless frequencies and creates more heat. When these man-made wireless frequencies just get higher, so does the world temperature. When the vibrations just get higher, here in the gravitational field, all these atmospheric molecules are 'shaken' just as strongly as the vibrations themselves. This leads to a 'charge' of the atmosphere, which in turn leads to increasingly powerful storms, and storms in general. All this takes place largely on land, and this creates exactly the same weather phenomenon that was found in the Amazon environment, i.e., that it comes in from land and it is the 'land' that suffers, in the end.

In this correct interpretation of Einstein's theory of relativity, you will learn more about all these man-made wireless frequencies that heat up our atmosphere with frictional heat now that all these atmospheric atoms and molecules are 'rubbed up' against each other, and that up to several million times per second. And it happens in the exact same higher frequencies that all these man-made wireless frequencies send out, and many contributions small, end up in a bigger catastrophe that humanity is heading towards now, thanks to all these man-made wireless frequencies.

I have written 3 books about this universe, so far, and the first book was published in 2015, i.e., the year before the verdict in from the particle accelerator came, the verdict that gave me absolutely right that this universe is no longer only physical and only 3 dimensional, but is actually a full 5-dimensional in the active universal holographic engine room, and is powered only by 4 and 5-dimensional quantum physical holographic energies, otherwise known as the Natural Wireless Frequencies. There is absolutely no physical 3rd dimension in this universe because it lies below the line where only this 4-dimensional 'matter' appears. So, in theory, there is no 3rd dimension, only the 'matter' that is and remains 4 dimensional, lying in a 5-dimensional spacetime!

Our overruling world citizens, our leaders, need to read through this entire document in order to make the right decisions, and to cool down the earth's atmosphere again! This actually applies to all of us, and NOW it's NOW, so just get this document out to the people!! They accept this with 'kissing hands'! Help me get this document out to the audience. This is of great importance! Hopefully there will also be a bigger 'reaction' to this!!

These man-made wireless frequencies are the very root of the heat problem, of global warming, and now we can finally understand the main problem, how it occurs and how we can tackle this problem in the future, and can finally do something to lower the world temperature again! But the biggest problem of all is to get rid of all these higher man-made wireless frequencies, which practically just cannot be buried, and thus become an ever-increasing 'heat problem' in itself, in our ultra-thin atmosphere, and that means absolutely all Satellites, the entire GPS system, and absolutely all Mobile Phones, and all of the receiving equipment for these above, must go!

In fact, it is all these higher man-made wireless frequencies that are driving the heating ever upwards, via these 4-dimensional holographic quantum physical and highly vibrating and totally troubled energies, so why not stop these 3 different types of 'frequency polluters' right now? After all, they harm the world more than they earn it. Doesn't world temperature matter to you and yours? What about the rest of the world? If you choose to keep the mobile phone, then we will definitely face a more heated future, and not a colder one, which is desired by most people on this planet. If you use satellites, or the GPS system, get rid of it as soon as possible and get rid of it with your mobile phone. Give the world temperature a chance to normalize again and switch to the landline!!

But, will this mega-vast and difficult earthly 'paradox' of a problem be solved at any time? Will this problem ultimately become a scientific problem, or will it become a political problem? Yes, what do you believe in? I believe that this is absolutely a profound scientific problem that can only be solved with the help of science, i.e., this very active universal 5-dimensional holographic model of physics. But I should not be surprised if this becomes a political problem. The big-bang physics model was imbued politically from day one, in 1925, and the particle accelerator finally proved it in 2016, and that all 91 years later, and thank you for that!!

Well, this problem can only be solved if humanity absolutely wants this to lower the world temperature, then this is also fully achievable! If not, then this will be a several ever hotter world, with no possibilities to cool the atmosphere again, precisely because of all these ever higher man-made wireless frequencies in the atmosphere!

But what do the governing military organizations say to this? A large part of what they monitor today comes precisely from metadata, in from the internet, and in from absolutely all phones and tablets, and they spy on where you have gone, via all this metadata. Big brother sees you and follows you! The United States has as many as two convictions for monitoring the population, but they are still continuing to monitor everything and everyone, and they flatly deny this. They did the same the other two times. But this is clearly not going fast enough, so now they are planning the 6G network. The 6G network will totally destroy this world as we know it!!! Faster frequencies, higher heat generation, faster warming of the atmosphere, higher world temperature. This is the path to the everlasting warming of our planet, only because of these man-made wireless frequencies, which are now so high in frequency that they create the heat of friction in our atmosphere. The 6G network will make this heat generation considerably faster, so please do not introduce the 6G network. Precisely for that reason!

I hope now that these scientists take this with these man-made wireless frequencies more seriously, now that they have been told how this universe really works. I hope they take this with these man-made wireless frequencies more seriously, and don't think like they have done for over 90 years that absolutely everything in this universe was only 100% only physical. Now they are about to learn that this entire universe only runs on all these different natural wireless frequencies, which now turn out to be amplified up to several times by these same man-made wireless frequencies, here within our gravitational field. The problem is that this proves to us humans that all these wireless frequencies that were there from the creation of, are now amplified up to several times over, by these man-made wireless frequencies! And what has humanity gained from this? A heated atmosphere that cannot get 'colder' as long as man-made wireless frequencies exist!?

This, with these man-made wireless frequencies, now turns out 120 years after its introduction, to heat up our atmosphere with just these man-made wireless frequencies. It is the vibrations themselves, to all these man-made wireless frequencies, that create this heat of friction in the atmosphere. Why you might ask? Well, precisely because of these man-made wireless frequencies or vibrations, hertz, and which acts like a vibrator in a bun with water. All these water molecules will vibrate at the same rate as the vibrator. We have a similar effect in our atmosphere, and this heat effect continues to increase, especially when humanity eventually adopts the 6G grid. Higher frequencies, higher vibrations, and a higher heat output in our atmosphere. So, say goodbye to all glaciers and all pollinators!

Now most of our pollinators are disappearing, so what will humanity do? That, in turn, comes from all these extremely higher man-made wireless frequencies, which influence perhaps all these pollinators that we have, and of which there will also be fewer, sometime in the future!! I remember the times when you couldn't drive 10 km without the car being plastered with all sorts of pollinators and swarmers, and those times are now over. This was sometime in the late 90s. Now you can drive for several days to get the same amount of pollinators on the car. So these pollinators are becoming fewer and fewer, and this is due to all these man-made wireless frequencies, which absolutely should not be there. So let us together stop this dangerous development now! This with these man-made wireless frequencies is going to destroy our world. Remember to tell this to all of humanity as soon as possible!

Do you doubt this? Don't you believe that I have found just the right universal physics model? But this very active 5-dimensional holographic physics model is 100% supported by stealth technology, and the Bible is filled with this 5-dimensional physics model. It's just to start reading and understanding what this figure of Jesus really did, something that some claim makes him the 'son of the creator'. But he was only an extraordinary human being because he was a true magician, not the 'son of the creator'!

'If the physics model you're holding on to can't explain absolutely all human observations, no matter which, then it's not quite the right universal physics model you're holding on to, then just keep looking!'

On my website you will find these 3 English books about this 5-dimensional holographic quantum physics, and you should definitely read those books to really understand what I mean, and the address is as usual: www.nyfysik.dk

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