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New and fully proven 5 dimensional quantum physics!

Welcome to the highly active quantum physical and paranormal 5 dimensional universal engine room!

Welcome to the very active 5 dimensional quantum universe, and welcome to quantum physics!

New knowledge!    New thoughts!     New proven philosophy!

New absolute evidence, for the universal atoms!

( nyfysik, only means, New Physics! )

Everything that is "not physical" and quantum physical in the universe cannot be seen, discovered or detected! It is a universal fact! But everything that this quantum physical does with the physical can be fully seen, detected and detected! It is also a universal fact! This changes the entire engine room and interpretation of the universe, and thus this "non-physical" can actually be demonstrated and proved. In this new universal quantum physics understanding, most of the deepest secrets of the universe lie hidden and hidden. These deep universal secrets of the universal engine room are today discovered, proven and fully proven. The way to these secrets can be found on this website, so just continue down the page and find out the real universe. One example is gravitational lenses in the universe, another example is the 4-dimensional quantum physical gravitational fields. The universal gravity in the universal engine room is performed by all the quantum physical 4-dimensional gravitational fields. This brand new basic universal model is a completely new and fundamental explanation for the more unknown quantum physics. If you want to understand the right universal interpretation and explanation of quantum physics, just read on and learn more!

This website was created as an introduction to this new
5-dimensional quantum physics, in October. 2014.
Copyright © J.E. Andersen.

Last updated Februar.2024.

"Absolutely all universal atoms, are quantum physical, twofold,
4 dimensional, and set in a 5-dimensional space-time!"

"J.E. Andersen. 2012"

"The real reality, to most people, will seem stranger,

and more incomprehensible than the wildest science fiction".

"Steven Hawking. Copenhagen 2016."

"If any model of physics, no matter which, cannot explain

absolutely all the human observations, whatever observations,

Then it's not the right universal physics model either."

If this world and universe is no longer 100% just physics,

then this world and universe must, can and must be 4 dimensional,

100% holographic, and powered by an active 5-dimensional quantum physics!

The particle accelerator down there in Cern has now proven that my theoretical 4 dimensional quantum physical atom, demonstrated already in 2012, is the correctly interpreted atom! All atoms are only energetic oscillating fields! Visibility, comes only along with the Higg's fields, which of course lie inside all atoms! ‘If any model of physics, no matter which, cannot explain absolutely all the human observations, whatever the observations, it is also not the right universal model of physics.' If this world and universe, is no longer 100% only physical, then this world and universe must and can be 4 dimensional, 100% holographic, and powered by an active 5-dimensional quantum physics!

The particle accelerator has disproved the standardized big-bang model and physics, once and for all!


The truth about the universe is now fully in place, but unfortunately it is not very well known among the wider population, yet!

But before you get too started on this website, listen to this very revealing video! I would now ask you to listen throughout the video presentation to Professor David Tong, at Cambridge University, where he finally concludes that today's standardized science has driven itself to the end of the false blind track they are on, in the world of physics! This takes about an hour and you get confirmation that the Newtonian big-bang standardized science has been found 100% false and unsolvable!

Professor David Tong takes you on a journey through the 150–200-year history of physics, which ends up in a place today that absolutely no scientist in the scientific world would have thought they would experience! The very fact that this big-bang has now been found 100% false, and that even by the particle accelerator down there in Cern. Therefore, you really must watch throughout the video!

Quantum Fields: 'The real building blocks of the universe' - with David Tong!

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What is it that warms up our atmosphere?


Wouldn't it be amazing if we knew exactly what is behind global warming? But we do, and I'll come back to that in a moment!! First, I would like to remind you of the particle accelerator's verdict, which came in 2016, which states that this universe contains absolutely no forms for these alleged 3-dimensional and 100% only physical particles, and thus the recently revealed false big-bang and scientific philosophy, theory and physics model, is totally out of the picture!!! This universe is no longer only 3-dimensional and 100% only physical, lying in a 4-dimensional time. This universe is now as it always has been, fully 7 dimensional, holographic, and is powered by a very active 5-dimensional quantum physics, in the very active 5-dimensional universal engine room. It was precisely this picture that the particle accelerator described in its verdict on the universe, and so we must follow that evidence!

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10 important reasons to ask a big question if there really has been a big-bang!


If you are among those who believe in a universal big-bang scenario, then you should definitely read these 10 points. If you are among those who are freer in your thinking about the universe, and who do not necessarily know whether you want to put your foot down in the various camps that proclaim that there has been an un understood start-up picture, then you may also not know how this universe really appears and how it arises. You should definitely also read these 10 points, and thus get a whole new inspiration and a whole new knowledge about how our real active universal engine room really works, with the creating, controlling and steering holographic 5-dimensional quantum physics!

The big-bang model came on the scene sometime in the mid-1920s, and at that time it was not known how big the universe really was. Therefore, they firmly believed that our star was in the only galaxy in the entire universe, the Milky Way! The only galaxy that exists, and thus someone thought there should be a possibility of a big-bang! That was, and remains, a big mistake! This is evident in these 10 points, and in the final and concluding eleventh!

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Welcome to the correctly interpreted quantum physical universe!


Let's start with all the important factual facts and the scientific and mathematical proofs that already exist, so that we get the right universal 'physics' in place where it should be!

There can only be one correct interpretation of the right universal physics!

Next, we will enter the two very different tracks of interpreted universal physics. The big-bang track, and the quantum physical 5-dimensional track.

The two types of universal physics are like night and day. One is a lie, and the other can be proven mathematically.

You cannot use a big-bang model to try to balance and 'disprove' a proven 5-dimensional quantum physics model.

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David Rountree's proofs of the 4-dimensional gravitational field!


David Rountree is a trained physicist and has gradually also become a skilled 'ghost hunter'! He is also a trained electronics engineer, which means that he understands all sorts of electronic gizmos and duppedites and what they can do and what you can get them to do. This has then led to him largely further developing and assembling all his advanced High Tech devices himself, out of the many suitable laboratory approved instruments. This is very revealing, and actually reveals something of this 4th dimension! But laboratory-approved instruments cost a lot of money, and therefore the right research in this research area is relatively expensive.

Over a long period of time, he has carried out an incredible number of exciting experiments with these advanced devices! The best known is probably 'The Worm Hole Experiment' where he, among other things, discovers, demonstrates and proves that wormholes are only open for a nanosecond. It's actually the very short time it takes a transfer from A to B. I also believe this is the right answer regardless of distance within the universe.

It is also more in line with this new quantum physics, and the properties inherent in this quantum physical 4th dimension ether!

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The scientific books!

Link to the books here!